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Areas of Specialisation


You have to gain in-depth knowledge in two fields of Informatics. The examinations in these areas of specialisation have to comprise the material of at least eight contact hours. Exercises will not be counted. An examination plan has to be compiled that has to list the lectures selected for the examination. The examination plan has to be approved by the respective examiner and by the Diplom Main Examination Board (HPA). The examination in the areas of specialisation takes the form of an oral exam which lasts around 45 minutes. You can choose one »Praktikum« in one of the two specialisation areas. The »Praktikum« can be validated with 2 SWS.


1. Theoretical Foundations
2. Algorithm Engineering
3. Cryptography and Security
4. Operating Systems
5. Parallel Processing
6. Software Engineering and Compiler Construction
7. Process Automation
8. Design of Embedded Systems and Computer Architectures
9. Telematics
10. Information Systems
11. Robotics and Automation
12. Computer Graphics
13. Anthropomatics
14. Cognitive Systems