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Calendar of events

Workshop on “Stochastic Control and Estimation for Networked Systems”
May. 08, 2014, 14:00 - 17:20
Karlsruher Institut für Technolgie (KIT), Campus South,
Lehrstuhl für intelligente Sensor-Aktor-Systeme (ISAS),

50.20 (Fakultät für Informatik/Department of Informatics) ,
Room 148
Major challenges in the control and estimation of networked systems arise
from network-induced imperfections such as time-varying transmission
delays, data losses, and communication constraints. These effects are often
more adequately characterized as stochastic phenomena rather than
deterministic ones.
In the workshop, recent developments and advances in controller and
estimator design for networked systems will be discussed. The emphasis is
on methods that explicitly take into account the stochastic nature of
network-induced imperfections such as transmission delays, data losses,
quantization, or bandwidth constraints. Contributions dealing with both
theoretical foundations and practical applications are presented in this

Program and Speakers:

Optimal Design of Quantized Networked Control Systems
Serdar Yüksel (Queen’s University)

Optimal Event-Triggered Control under Communication Constraints
Adam Molin (TUM)

Event Based Control with Negative Information
Joris Sijs (TNO)

Optimal Sequence-Based Tracking Control for Networked Linear Systems
Jörg Fischer (KIT)

Rollout Event-Triggered Control: Beyond Periodic Control Performance
Duarte Antunes (TU Eindhoven)

On Exact Distributed Filtering and Control in Multiple Sensor Networks -
Current Work at Fraunhofer FKIE
Wolfgang Koch (Fraunhofer FKIE / University of Bonn)

On the Stabilizability of Continuous-Time Systems over a Packet Based
Communication System with Loss and Delay
Rainer Blind (University of Stuttgart)

Control of Constrained, Linear System over Unreliable Communication
Networks using Cyclic Varying Horizon MPC
Markus Kögel (University of Magdeburg)

The workshop is held in the context of the DFG-Priority Programme 1305
“Control Theory of Digitally Networked Dynamical Systems” and consists of
eight talks

The events are for free and and individual visitable. A registration is not


8.5.2014, 14.00 pm - 17.20 pm
9.5.2014, 12.00 pm - 12.40 pm

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