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Diploma in Informatics

Attention: This degree course is expiring. Since the winter term 2008/09, we only admit students for the Bachelor / Masters degree courses.



The "Grundstudium" or basic degree period is comprised of 4 terms. You should complete your Grundstudium after 6 terms at the latest by passing an intermediary examination, the "Diplom-Vorprüfung".



The "Hauptstudium" or main degree period is comprised of 5 terms. It culminates in a graduation examination, the "Diplom-Hauptprüfung". The main components of the Informatics Hauptstudium are the mandatory courses and the areas of specialisation.


Further Information

Study Guide

You can find basic information on the Diploma degree course in Informatics in the study guide for Informatics of the KIT.

Study Guide (only in German)

Examination Regulations

Examination regulations of the KIT for the diploma degree in Informatics, 28 December, 1989, with amendments.

Examination Regulations (only in German)