Algorithms for Sequence Finding and Selection Problems

  • Autor:

    Prof. D. T. Lee (Institute of Information Science & Research Center for IT Innovation, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

  • Datum: 28.05.2009
  • Beschreibung:
    In this talk we present algorithms for solving problems related to sequence manipulation, including searching subsequences of maximum density and selecting subsequences of a certain density, of a given rank, with or without length restrictions. Problem transformation and utilization of efficient data structures or problem-solving methods will be presented. The problem-solving methods are fundamental to computational problems, which arise, for example, in bioinformatics.
    (Joint work with Dr. Tien-Ching Lin, Institute of InformationScience, Academia
    Sinica, Taiwan.) 
    Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009, 11:30 Uhr

    Raum SR 301, Informatik-Hauptgebäude (Geb. 50.34)
    Am Fasanengarten 5, 76131 Karlsruhe