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Mentor page

picture of Yoda

“Always pass on what you have learned.” - Yoda


As you once did, spirited first semester students are on their way to the adventure of traversing the “Studiversum”! As you are aware of, then and now it is very helpful to have at your side a personal master Yoda who you can assist you in word and deed as you gain new perspectives and learn to navigate the Studiversum!

This program encompasses regular meetings and communication with your mentee group to support them as they find the path through their first semester. As an ally who willing, respectful and patient, you will answer their curious queries about their major, studies, university and Karlsruhe. Well, pretty much anything the Studiversum encompasses, as well as foster their awareness where to find resources and materials. Core to a mentor’s being is that you are keenly interested and dedicated to enthusiastically fostering your mentees abilities to navigate the Studiversum independently. 

Along the way you will further develop communication, program planning and leaderships skills as well as learn from other mentors, your mentees and about your self.  On top of this, you earn 2 ECTS which can be recognized as key skills (Schlüsselqualifikationen).


Mentors support mentees:

  • For one winter semester (September – April)
  • With respect to their studies, the KIT and the KIT Department of Informatics
  • In regard to on and off campus information, activities and resources, etc…
  • By sharing recommendations and resources about a effective studying
  • To get involved in student life and enjoy the Studiversum



Who can become a mentor?
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Goals of the mentor program
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