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Mentee page

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„I’m just a [... student] ... trying to make my way in the universe“ – Jango Fett

The vastness of the “Studiversum” offer fascinating  and infinite possibilities. Gather your courage to explore this world, which knows no limit. A great adventure is awaiting you and on your way you will attain valuable knowledge, essential skills and indispensible companions.



  • students in their 1st semester at KIT Department of Informatics
  • Take part for one semester (September – April)
  • Learn and exchange information with students of higher semesters
  • Get involved in university life
  • Build competencies to assist in successfully completing their studies
  • Have fun and make friends by maintaining a good work-life-balance


As a student in your first semester, many questions will rise up at the start:

  • Where do I find information and resources?
  • How do I solve the exercises?
  • What is the KIT Department of Informatics?
  • Where do I find the cheapest coffee?
  • How do I find the rooms? (https://www.kit.edu/campusplan/)


This is only an overview and it is exciting to find the answers to all of these questions. This provides you with an opportunity to optimize your study experience, as it is not necessary to repeat the mistakes which other students already made. Therefore, we, the KIT Department of Informatics, offer the opportunity to consult mentors.  Mentors will share what worked well for them and what they wish they had known when they started to help you get to your destination with fewer bumps along the way.


As a student in your first semester, a mentor will be an ally whom you can ask questions about:

  • Studies
  • University
  • Life in Karlsruhe


Your mentor will organize at least 6 group get-togethers at which you can ask questions, exchange information, find out about resources as well as get tips about diverse topics, e.g. leisure time activities, resources and services offered by the university, both required curriculum and opportunities available in future semesters, etc. In addition, you have the chance to meet new friends during fun activities organized by us.


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