For many students, when they start their studies, a completely new chapter in their lives begins. With the start of your studies you will enter a completely new world that differs in many aspects from school and previous experiences.

In order to prepare you for a smooth start to your studies, we have listed some tips and offers here. Below you will find important information about the first semester and offers before the actual start of the lecture, such as the orientation phase and the preparatory courses.

Living and Studying in Karlsruhe

Further assistance for the study location Karlsruhe.



The first semesters of the course are generally firmly pre-structured, so it happens that at the beginning you hear the same lectures with almost all fellow students.

In the first semesters, the foundations for further studies are laid. That means you are introduced to computer science or higher mathematics. This leads to a very theoretic start, which as a new student can come as a surprise.

The programming module is also offered as a counterpart to the theoretical modules. This teaches the basic knowledge of the Java programming language.

The lectures include attending tutorials and working on exercise sheets, which experience has shown to be very time-consuming in the first semester.

In summary, in the first semesters you learn to fundamentally display a different way of working and thinking than, for example, a high school student, with whom you can successfully tackle complicated problems.

The MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg offers preparatory courses both before the semester and supporting courses during the semester that are based on the lecture content.

In the preparatory courses, knowledge from school is refreshed and, in some cases, an insight into the subjects of the course is given.

There are math preparatory courses (also an online course), programming preparatory courses, math supporting courses (during the semester) and a math bridging course.

The courses are well structured and are recommended by us to every new student before and during the semester.

"The math courses at the MINT-Kolleg helped me a lot because, in contrast to the lectures, you get applicable arithmetic methods and understandable explanations." (Mir haben die Mathekurse vom MINT-Kolleg sehr geholfen, weil man, im Gegensatz zu den Vorlesungen, anwendbare Rechenwege und verständliche Erklärungen kriegt.) – Informatics student at the KIT

Further informationMINT-Kolleg

What is the O-Phase?

  • The orientation phase, or simply O-phase, is intended as an introduction to your studies. Here you will find all the important information about your studies and will be shown the campus by students from higher semesters.
  • The participants can choose one of several O-phase groups in which they want to participate. The O-phase groups differ in their activities, so that there is a suitable group for everyone!
  • The upcoming O-phase for the start of the winter semester 20/21 will primarily take place online and contain smaller offline events.

Why should I participate?

  • The O-phase is the best place to get to know your new fellow students. The students you get to know here will usually accompany you through your entire study.
  • There is always positive feedback, which describes the O-phase as essential as an introduction to the course and to find the future learning group.
  • Presence is mandatory! (Just kidding, but it's worth being there!)
  • There is a suitable group for everyone, so the fun is inevitable!

Do I have to register myself?

  • For Informatics and Teacher Education (Informatik/Lehramt): No, you don't have to register. Just come to the announced lecture hall on the monday of the O-phase. You can read more information on the website of the Fachschaft and you will also receive a corresponding letter.
  • For Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik): The forum asks you to register in advance (

Further information:


Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik (FSMI):

  • The Fachschaft represents all students studying at the department of Informatics. It can be found in the basement of the Informatics building (Geb. 50.34, Raum -124).
  • Website:

Forum Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI):

  • The Forum WI is practically the personal Fachschaft for Information Systems at the KIT and is located in the collegiate building on the Kronenplatz (Geb. 05.20, Raum 3C-01).
  • Website:

Offers of the Fachschaft:

The Fachschaft organizes the well-known O-phase and events, such as the owl-festival. It also offers online consultation hours, where you can get specific advice regarding your study or you can ask general questions about the Informatics / Information Systems course. An important part of the Fachschaft is also the sale of old exams and transcripts. Furthermore, the Fachschaft rents out the lockers in the Informatics building.

Support courses

eezi – An introduction to Informatics studies at the KIT:

The event eezi - An Introduction to Informatics studies at the KIT - has existed since the winter semester 2018/19, and can be selected by first-year students of the courses Informatics, Informatics Teacher Education and Information Systems.

The aim of this event is to make it easier for students to get started with their studies. Main topics are the methodical approaches to challenges such as time and stress management, processing of exercise sheets, the exam phase and more.


"Overall, eezi made it much easier for me to start my studies and helped me to gain a foothold both during my studies and in Karlsruhe." (Insgesamt hat mir eezi den Einstieg ins Studium sehr viel leichter gemacht und mir geholfen im Studium, als auch in Karlsruhe, Fuß zu fassen) Former eezi participant





KIT's own content can also be found on YouTube. These videos are uploaded to the YouTube channels KIT Lehre und Wissen and KITinformatik.

The recorded lectures of certain modules are uploaded to the YouTube channel KIT Lehre und Wissen. For example, the lectures on “Programmieren” and “Grundbegriffe der Informatik” are uploaded there.

In the playlist “eezi goIN‘ Info Bits” on the KITinformatik channel, the Informatics department regularly uploads small tips on how to cope with your studies (german).


KIT Lehre und Wissen


For more offers and information on support, see the section Support during your Studies.