KIT Department of Informatics

Notes on the Current Situation for Students of the KIT Department of Informatics

General information (As of 14.01.2021): On this website we will provide up-to-date information on all important questions concerning study and teaching at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Here once again the most important key data at a glance:

  • End of the examination period of the winter semester 20/21 is 12.05.2021
  • All applications are currently to be made by e-mail from the student's e-mail address.
  • For all questions please write to beratung-informatik∂
    Please use your student e-mail address.

Start of the semester

  • According to the CoronoVO of the Ministry of Science, the KIT Faculty of Computer Science will be completely converted to online teaching by Christmas. (As of 30.11.2020)
  • On-campus examinations planned and announced for the period from November 02 to 14 may take place as announced. As of November 16, examinations, in particular final examinations, which are envisaged by the studies and examination regulations and module manuals and are urgently required for the progress of studies in the 2020/21 winter term, but cannot be replaced by using electronic information and communication technologies, may also take place on campus. (As of 06.11.2020)
  • Students are urgently asked to register for all your courses on our ILIAS learning platform ( to enable your lecturers to inform them at short notice of how the courses will take place. Please make sure that emails from the ILIAS system really reach you. (As of 06.11.2020)

Recommendations for the WS 2020/21:                                                            

  • If a thesis is being sought: Write to the lecturers/departments where you have already examined courses and where you like/are familiar with the topic. Further details will then be discussed either by telephone or video conference. In any case, it is possible for you to start a final thesis at the moment.
  • Make sure that you have student status (have been re-registered) and that you are entitled to take examinations. If you exceed the maximum study time, you must submit an application for an extension of the deadline.  (See details also below).

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Examinations (as of 03.11.2020)

  • Cancellation of examinations: during the examination phase of WS 20/21, it is possible to cancel at short notice all examinations not yet started without a certificate. This regulation also includes oral reexaminations and other types of performance reviews. For cancellations of other types of performance assessments after they have already started (e.g. performances have already been rendered or deadlines are already running), the responsible lecturer must be contacted. (As of 30.11.2020)

  • Repeat tests: The deadline for retaking exams is extended by two semesters, provided that this deadline expired at the end of WS 2019/20 or SS 2020.

  • Oral examinations are currently offered online and on-site. Since 20.04.2020, oral examinations are possible on site with restrictions. Please clarify with the chair. which modality the examiner offers. If you would like to take an oral exam online, please sign the data protection declaration and send it along with your appointment request.
  • Success controls of another kind: Please clarify the details in detail with the examiner / supervising employee.
  • Inspection of exams: Inspection of exams is only possible to a limited extent and in exceptional cases (e.g. an oral examination may have to be taken or it is the last performance in the program). Please contact the respective course/institute if necessary.
  • Theses that were in progress (already registered or registered during this period) between March 17 and May 24 can be extended by 69 days. To claim the extension, an email must be sent to beratung-informatik∂ Please put your supervisor in cc.

Deadline extensions (as of 30.11.2020)

The maximum duration of studies for students enrolled in SS 2020 was extended by one semester. Bachelor 10 semesters, Master 8 semesters

In the following cases, deadline extensions for SS 2021 must be requested:

  •     Bachelor students who were enrolled in SS 2020 and are in WS 20/21 in 10th FS or higher
  •     Master students who were enrolled in SS 2020 and are in WS 20/21 in the 8th FS or higher

For requests for deadline extensions for SS 2021, please use the form provided.


In the following cases no deadline extensions for SS 2021 need to be applied for:

  •     Bachelor students who were enrolled in SS 2020 and are in WS 20/21 in the 9th FS .
  •     Master students who were enrolled in the SS 2020 and are in WS 20/21 in the 7th FS. 

You can re-register through the system without any problems as in previous semesters. If there are any difficulties, please contact Student Services (SLE) directly . (as of 14.01.2021)
Orientation exam: Students who started their studies in WS 18/19 or WS 19/20 have the possibility to take the orientation exam until the end of the 4th FS due to the flat-rate extensions. In case of a qualified participation in the MINT-Kolleg, this period is extended accordingly.
Repeat examinations: The deadline for retaking exams is extended by two semesters, provided that this deadline expired at the end of WS 2019/20 or SS 2020.
Only a few students actually take advantage of Corona extensions. Most of them try to complete their studies quickly despite the current situation. An extension of the study period is visible by indicating the semesters in the Transcripts of Records. In order not to disadvantage the majority of students in this respect, an extension of the deadline for WS 20/21 must be applied for. Of course all applications for WS 20/21 have been and will be approved.


Study design (as of 03.11.2020)

  • Transition Bachelor / Master: If you cannot complete your Bachelor's degree by the end of the SS 2020 examination period, please contact us. If necessary, submit an application for an extension of the deadline (see above). You will then be able to perform preferential Master's courses in WS 20/21. Please note that you must reapply for the Master's program by January 15.
    The master preferential account can be overdrawn in SS 2020 and WS 2020/21. As soon as more than 30 LP should be registered, please send an e-mail to beratung-informatik∂ We will select the services for you on CAS-Campus, then you have to register online for the exams.
  • Study program WS 20/21: The WS 20/21 will be offered in mixed operation. Many events will be offered online and some on site. Details can be found in the course catalog and the corresponding ILIAS courses.
  • De-registration: You would have to de-register after consulting the Service Unit Studies and Teaching and using the appropriate application form ( Please fill out the application form, scan it and send it by e-mail to the relevant offices (library, etc.). There the form will be stamped accordingly and returned to you scanned. This is the procedure to follow until all necessary discharge notes have been obtained. As soon as all discharge notes are received, you can either drop the form in the SLE mailbox or send it there by mail. For the discharge note item "Informatik/Informationswirtschaft. Return of keys" the following applies: Keys can be returned by mail or telephone (Tel.: 0721-608-44002) in building 50.34 / room 116 after prior arrangement. If no key has been borrowed from the Faculty of Computer Science, the completed application for exmatriculation can simply be sent as a scan by e-mail to the address s-kd∂ After checking and issuing the exmatriculation notice, the form is returned by e-mail.


Informatics Study Program Service (ISS) (as of 03.11.2020)

  • From 01.10.2020, the ISS offers a telephone consultation hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-12:00 under the number 0721-608-44031.

  • ISS consultation hours: The ISS will remain closed until further notice. Please send us requests by mail or e-mail. For applications by e-mail the student e-mail address must be used.

  • Departmental student advisory service for computer science: The departmental student advisory service will take place by telephone until further notice. Please send us an e-mail with your telephone number to beratung-informatik∂ We are not available by phone, but we will gladly call you back.


Financial aid for students (as of 07.05.2020)


Self-study and online studies count as study activities, so BAföG entitlement is maintained even without attendance lectures. If parents or one parent is acutely affected by the crisis and therefore has no or greatly reduced income, students have greater chances of receiving BAföG assistance. This means that even if students were not previously entitled to BAföG, a new application can now be submitted. Likewise, a BAföG update application can be submitted to have the amount of funding recalculated.

In these cases, students contact the Office for Educational Support at the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

Student Loan

Due to the Corona pandemic, emergency aid funds of the state of Baden-Württemberg were established for students. (
The KfW Student Loan supports students during their studies, even during the Corona crisis, with a minimum of 100 euros and a maximum of 650 euros per month - without loan collateral and independent of income / assets. There are other possibilities and providers of a student loan. These vary in processing fees, interest rate and repayment modalities.

Students who are thinking about a student loan or loan, contact the social counselling service of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

Part-time job

There are currently areas that have increased personnel requirements. Via the job exchange of KIT, the Studierendenwerk, or relevant portals, jobs can be found in the following areas in particular:

  • Delivery services for food and drinks
  • Supermarkets, grocery stores
  • Logistics
  • Cleaning companies
  • Petrol stations
  • Agriculture (