KIT Department of Informatics

Start of studies in winter semester 2020/21

Dear first-year students,

Welcome to KIT! The Department of Informatics will offer as much classroom teaching as possible, especially for freshmen. After all, a university is not only a learning machine but also a social place where you can exchange ideas with fellow students, tutors, and lecturers.


Most of the tutorials will therefore take place as classroom tutorials, and the lecture "Grundbegriffe der Informatik" is open to 130 students per class. Unfortunately, more presence is not possible due to the current Corona hygiene regulations; so that, for example, the mathematics lectures can currently only be held online. We hope to gradually return to more and more classroom teaching next year. However, there will always be an online option for the entire teaching program.

We wish you a successful study!

(October 2020)

Willkommen an der FakultätAndreas Drollinger / KIT

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert (Dean), Prof. Dr. Gregor Snelting (Dean of Studies, Informatics), Prof. Dr. Martina Zitterbart (Dean of Studies, Information Systems) (from left to right)

Offers for the start of studies

All courses of the first semester are offered as hybrid courses: Part of the students can be on site, the rest take part in the course online. In any case, it will be possible to participate online for all courses. One of the basic building blocks of teaching in the first semester are the tutorials: Students of higher semesters repeat the material of the lecture and carry out practical exercises. For a good start in your studies, participation in these presence tutorials directly on campus is highly recommended, if possible.


The orientation phase of the Maths/Computer Science Student Council takes place with many livestream offers. Students in higher semesters pass on their experiences here.


Many valuable tips, information, and advisory services for a successful start of studies at the KIT Faculty of Informatics can be found at eezi goIN' Studienstart.


The ISS offers advice on studying and examinations and is the contact point for questions and problems during studies.


Activate user account, set up mailbox, start MS Teams, upload KIT-Card photo: Here is shown how to do it.

Students on the street

What should you definitely not miss as a freshman at KIT?
What should you consider and know for a good start to your studies?

Erstsemesterbegrüßung 2016Markus Breig / KIT

KIT welcomes its first-year students digitally on November 6, 2020, from 18:00 to 21:00. Look forward to an entertaining evening with topics related to studying at KIT, an interactive question and answer session, comedy with Marcel Mann, a digital information exhibition, and a Ersti quiz with great prizes.