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Living and Studying in Karlsruhe

The University: A Hub of Experience and Centre for Success!

Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe
Front gate of the university's main building
  • The Fridericiana University is more than just the oldest Technical College of Germany. In addition,
    • it was the site of the first Department of Informatics in Germany, founded in 1972, and
    • in 1984, Werner Zorn established the first German email student association with the CSNET (zorn@germany.csnet)
  • The reputation of today's KIT is outstanding among students and human resources managers alike: See rankings

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The Campus: Ideally Located

Hauptcampus in Karlsruhe
Main Campus in Karlsruhe

The campus borders the palace gardens, making the university's wireless network DUKATH (which stands for "Drahtlose Universität Karlsruhe (TH)") available throughout the grounds. From there, it's only a stone's throw to the Hardt Forest – an ideal place for jogging, skating, or taking bike rides down to the River Rhine.

If you prefer to take a stroll through the town or go shopping, the campus borders directly onto a pedestrian zone to the west.

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Well Prepared For the Next Term – O-Phase


The O-Phase – orientation phase – is an event organised by the student representatives of the university. It gives first-semesters the overview they need to begin their studies, as well as helping them become familiar with the university and the city of Karlsruhe, and letting them get to know each other.

The O-Phase always takes place every year about one week before the start of lectures in the winter term.

Further information: Student Representatives Mathematics/Informatics or O-Phase 

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Work Wherever You Want – WLAN at KIT


The university's wireless network WKIT counts among the widest ranging networks at German universities and colleges, offering more than 500 access points on site and near the campus.

The University WLAN is even available in large parts of the palace gardens.

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Work Whenever You Want: The 24-hours Library

Library of the KIT south

The library gives students and employees 24/7 access to over two million media units.

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Search In Time – Accommodation in Karlsruhe

Hall of residence

About 300,000 people live in Karlsruhe: some in small apartments or flat shares, some in the vicinity of the university and others right in the city centre. The rental prices are around €6.50 per square metre in Karlsruhe; halls of residence meanwhile are considerably less expensive.

There are often bottlenecks at the beginning of the university term. We would therefore advise you to start looking for accommodation very soon after being admitted. Blackboards throughout the campus advertise accommodation that is currently vacant.

In addition, you can find information and averts under:

University Market for Small Adverts | zib - Centre of Information and Consultancy | Dorms of KIT Association

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Fitness – University Sports


The Department of Sports and Sports Science offers students the opportunity to participate in university sports courses at a small cost.

Besides a wide range of courses, the university is also equipped with a gym, an indoor swimming pool and various sports and tennis grounds.

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Jobs And The Future– Technology Region

Technologiepark Karlsruhe
Technologiepark Karlsruhe

A number of companies based in Karlsruhe and its surrounding area that offer interesting perspectives for graduates in Informatics and Information Engineering and Management, making it easier for students to find a job after completing their studies.

Besides large-sized companies, other interesting local employers can be found in the city's Technologiepark or the start-up centre Technologiefabrik.

Current job vacancies can be found in the University Classifieds.

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Studying As A Parent

The challenges of studying as a mother or father (especially with young children)
can be discouraging for many young parents. In many cases, they do not even begin studying for a degree.

It doesn't have to be this way though. Special regulations apply for students with children.
If you already have children, you can find out about the various child-care options available at the university itself and in the city of Karlsruhe:



Age of Child

Type of Care

About 4 weeks
to 3 years

Students' Support Group
– Temporary Care –

KIT Campus South

KIT Campus South

About 8 weeks
to 3 years

Parents' Initiative
– All Day Care –

WiKi (KiBU e.V.)

Durlacher Tor
(former children's hospital)
about 1 to 3

– All Day Care –

Blumenland (Student Services)

Innenstadt (Ost)
about 3 to 6

Day Care Centre
– All Day Care –

Sternschnuppe (Student Services)

Campus Westhochschule
about 6 to 12

Holiday Care
– All Day Care –

KiBU e.V. KIT Campus Süd


Independent Day-Care Professionals
– by arrangement –

Various Offers
(esp. Youth Welfare Office)

in Karlsruhe


Contribution Fee:

The Office for Social Affairs and Youth Work also gives you the opportunity to obtain a contribution fee for child care costs incurred. This can be granted for day care centres, nurseries, all-day nurseries, and after-school supervision.


Additional Links:



The KIT's canteen

Every day, an average of 9,000 meals are freshly prepared in the canteen and handed out in eight different outlets.

With its spacious patio and the adjacent cafeteria, the canteen is a popular meeting place for students, especially in the summer time.

The meal plan for the day is always announced by the Student Services of Karlsruhe.

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Ideal Position for (Short) Breaks

Map of Europe

Close proximity to France, the Black Forest, Kraichgau and the Palatinate offers various possibilities for trips into regions that other people frequent for spending whole vacations.

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Pleasant Climate


With almost 1,700 hours of sunshine a year, Karlsruhe ranks amongst the sunniest towns in the whole of Germany.

Consequently, it is also an agreeable place to live during the wintertime as well. In the summer, various quarry ponds and parks nearby are wonderful for relaxing right next to the university.

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Bicycle-friendly Traffic

Cyclists at the KIT

Located in the Rhine Valley, Karlsruhe is a perfect place for cyclists with its mild climate and compact, easily accessible city centre.

Karlsruhe has set itself the target of enhancing its favourable conditions and existing infrastructures to become the number 1 major city for cyclists in the near future.

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Local Public Transfer

Nahverkehr in Karlsruhe
Shuttle between Northern and Southern campus

The campus can be easily accessed via the urban railway stops "Durlacher Tor" and "Kronenplatz/KIT Campus Süd". Tram lines, the urban railway and buses run all through the night. The Middle Upper Rhine and the Southern Palatinate form a joint network that lays on buses to ski resorts during the winter months.

The surrounding cities and towns (for example, Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Bruchsal, Freudenstadt, Pforzheim, Bretten, etc.) are directly connected with Karlsruhe by the local transfer network Karlsruher Nahverkehr. Consequently, you do not have to restrict your search for accommodation to the city of Karlsruhe.

Students are also eligible for the low priced student ticket.

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Rich Cultural Diversity

ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Technology of Karlsruhe, © ZKM

ZKM, Schauburg, Badisches Staatstheater, Das Fest, Filmpalast, Händel-Festspiele, and much more besides – Karlsruhe offers a wide diversity of culture. Many cultural and amenities in the city also offer special reductions for students.
For example, the Student Services supplies you with

  • the Kultur Check Booklet for all first-semesters (free) with vouchers for entry and discounts at various cultural institutions in Karlsruhe, such as museums, theatres and culture centres.
  • the Carte Culture for the Alsace region with discounts for museums, festivals, cinemas, etc.

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