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Informatics with profile.
State Examination Office for Students (LLPA):

LLPA Kultusministerium

Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe

Student Advisory Service
Informatics Study Program Service

Informatics for Students from Other Departments

Minor in Informatics for Mathematics Students

1. Diplom degree course in Mathematics (Vordiplom)

Students of the beginner year 2008/2009 have to pass the following subjects during their Grundstudium (basic degree period):

S Module Contact hours Examination
1. Fundamentals of Informatics


written test, exercise certificate
2. Algorithms I 3/1 written test, intermediary examination, exercise certificate
3. Theoretical Foundations of Informatics or Algorithm Engineering (only WS 09/10) 3/1 written test, exercise certificate


2. Bachelor degree course in Mathematics

Bachelor degree course students have to collect 24 to 31 credit points in total.

Mandatory Modules

T Module Frequency Contact hours CP
1. Fundamentals of Informatics


2/1 4
2. Algorithms I ST 3/1 6

Optional Modules

T Module Frequency Contact hours CP
3. Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science


3/1 6
3. Operating Systems WT 3/1 6
3. Software Engineering I ST 3/1 6
4. Communication and Database Systems* ST 4/2 8
5. Algorithms II WT 3/1 6
*The course »Communication and Database Systems« can also be examined individually.


3. Master degree course in Mathematics

On the master degree course, the elective Informatics has a scope of 16 to 24 credit points. You can choose freely from the core and optional modules of the Master degree course in Informatics. You may only choose one module that is only part of the Bachelor degree course in Informatics.

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Minor in Informatics for Physics Students

1. Bachelor Degree Course in Physics

In the course of the minor degree programme Informatics for Physics Students, you have to collect at least 14 credit points which are broken down as follows:

Module "»Basic Notions of Computer Science«":
2/1 contact hours, 4 credit points, written examination + exercise certificate

Lab in Applications of Microcomputers I, 4 credit points

and either

  • Module "Algorithms I": 3/1 contact hours, 6 credit points, written examination + exercise certificate or
  • Module "Software Engineering I": 3/1 contact hours, 6 credit points, written examination + exercise certificate or
  • Course "Computer Organization": 3/1 contact hours, 6 credit points, written examination

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Minor in Informatics for Chemistry Students

For the "Vordiplom" (intermediary examination), you have to pass the examination for "Informatics for Scientists and Engineers I" (WT) as an no-credit examination.
"Informatics for Chemistry Students" expired in ST 08.

Additional Subject Informatics

Since the winter term 2009/10 it is no longer possible to enroll for the additional subject in Informatics.

Teaching Degree

In the teaching degree course "Lehramt an Gymnasien", you can pass an examination in the additional subject Informatics in addition to examinations in the two major subjects. This examination is valid as an advanced examination in Informatics.


1. Requirements for an admission to the examination:
Basic Notions of Computer Science 2 contact hours
Algorithms I 3 contact hours
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science 3 contact hours
2 core courses (electives) 6 contact hours
Introduction in Computer Networks * 2 contact hours
Programming ** 4 contact hours
Main seminar 2 contact hours
* This is one half of the Diplom lecture "Communication and Database Systems".
** This course includes numerous practical programming exercises.


2. Requirements during the examination
  • Understanding of the tasks, tools and methodologys of Informatics based on a knowledge of the basics of Practical and Theoretical Informatics and Computer Engineering.
  • Enhanced knowledge in 2 examination areas from Practical or Theoretical Informatics or Computer Engineering.
  • Skills for using the most important scientific tools including electronic media and the Internet are prerequisites.


3. Execution of the examination:
Duration 45 minutes

12 contact hours in the courses mentioned above

Topics "Programming"
Non-selectable examination topics, contents from the "Main seminar"

Please contact the following bodies for more information:

Landeslehrerprüfungsamt im Kultusministerium
Postfach 10 34 42,
70029 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711-279-0


Außenstelle beim Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe
Hebelstraße 2
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel. +49 721 926-0