Autonomous Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots

  • author:

    Prof. Dr. James Kuffner

  • date: 06.02.2009



Prof. Dr. James Kuffner
Carnegie Mellon Universität


Freitag, 6. Februar 2009, 11:30 Uhr


Hörsaal -101, Informatik-Hauptgebäude (Geb. 50.34)
Am Fasanengarten 5, 76131 Karlsruhe
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One of the grand challenges in artificial intelligence is to create autonomous humanoid robots. The anthropomorphic shape of a humanoid should enable operation in environments designed for humans, the utilization of human tools and interfaces, and the natural use of human gestures and non-verbal communication. Fundamentally, an intelligent humanoid should be a truly "general-purpose" robot, able to accomplish any task a real human can.

This talk will discuss the challenge of motion autonomy for humanoid robots and present an overview of several autonomous motion planning methods designed for application tasks involving navigation, object grasping and manipulation, footstep placement, and full-body motions. Experimental results on several humanoid platforms around the world will be shown, along with some new efforts in "mobile manipulation". Finally, the long-term prospects for the future development of robot autonomy and search-based AI will be discussed.