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The target group of Girls’Day are female school pupils in their 5th to 13th grade independent of school types.

Participating in the KIT's Girls’Day can also motivate to obtain the appropriate qualification. The qualification for admittance at the KIT can be obtained in different ways, even at later stages of life.

Girls’Day provides pupils with insights into vocational fields that sadly are rarely selected by women: Vocations in the fields of natural and technical sciences.

In spite of the fact that women in Germany receive an excellent education in all school subjects, they still select from a rather narrow range of vocations. Most female school leavers never contemplate careers in the fields of technical and natural sciences. To provide some headwind against this ongoing trend, Girls’ Day is designed to dispel common misconceptions. Biased ideas and stereotypes are broken down by providing information directly on site and the academic institution and giving insights into possible future careers.

The Karlsruher Institute for Technologie (KIT) holds an open day for this occasion. During the course of a "mini internship", you can - provided you belong to the target group - get to know the various departments of our university. It goes without saying that the Department of Informatics also participates in Girls’ Day.

Open-minded women who are venturing into the "male domain" of the vocations of technical and natural sciences inform attendees about their professional careers. These female role models are keen to break down stereotypes by demonstrating that women are in fact very successful in these fields of work.

Special advantages for women studying Informatics

Girls’Day takes place every fourth thursday in April. The activities commence at about 9.30 am and end at 2 pm. Everything takes places at the Southern campus of the KIT.

Please register early! The Girls’Day at our university for about 300 female pupils is often booked up months in advance!

If Girls’Day is not among the scheduled activties of your school, your parents can excuse you from school for this day by filing a request.
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The workshops on Informatics address topics that are of interest to girls of your age. They are taught in a way that is appropriate for your age, so don't worry! Since these workshops differ from year to year, the easiest thing to do is to take a look at previous on our Girls'Day website.

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Girls Day 2019
Girls‘Day 2019

Studieninformationstag für Mädchen am 28. März 2019. Hier findest du alle Workshops der KIT-Fakultät für Informatik.