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Small Jobs

Financing or partly financing studies through small jobs harbors carries certain drawbacks that students should take into account in advance:

  • Will the job influence the grants I am eligible for (e.g. BAföG)?
    Maximum amounts apply for auxiliary incomes!
  • Will I still be included under the annual training tax allowance or will I be subject to social insurance contributions due to my job?
  • Do I run the risk of endangering my studies because of high workloads or disadvantageous working hours?

Further information on legal issues relating to short-term student employment can be found under hib | University Information Office in Karlsruhe.

A good option that can also have a positive influence on your studies is finding a job as a student research assistant, known as a "HiWi" in Germany. Due to the department's size, there are many institutes that require research assistance. This way, you can enhance your academic studies  while earning money at the same time!

The Centre for Information and Consultancy (ZIB) at the KIT annually publishes an annual Information Brochure
on "Studienkosten und Studienfinanzierung" (Costs of studying and funding studies), dealing with all possible questions for applicants.