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Information Engineering and Management

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Information Engineering and Management Programme

What is Information Engineering and Management?

In our information society, the role of efficient processing and management of information is becoming increasingly important. Requirements on the job market change accordingly. The interface between Information Technology, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics and Media Industry culminates to create completely new job descriptions.

This is where the interdisciplinary Information Engineerung and Management programme comes in: Introduced in the winter term 1997/98 as a diploma programme at the former University of Karlsruhe, it deals with the interdependency of technology and economy. It offers a solid academic grounding in key technical, economic and legal subjects. The relatively new programme also enables quick career entries for students. The combination of three specialist fields gives access to a broad spectrum of possible careers.

Information Engineers and Managers organise the efficient use of the asset information. They analyse and manage the information flow in companies and develop and assess complex information systems enabling efficient and effective user interaction.

Information Engineers and Managers work on an interdisciplinary basis. The main focus is on the economic management of information: students on the Information Engineering and Management programme learn to think in a cross-referencing way and view problems from various different perspectives. They implement methods, theories and tools from the fields of Information Technology, Economics and Law.


Information Engineering and Management at the KIT

In 2005/2006, the programme was restructured into a two-level system with Bachelor and Master degrees. About 80 first-semesters are admitted every year.

The course of studies consists of three well-established scientific disciplines: the two main courses Informatics (40 %) and Economics (40 %), plus Law (20 %). The combination of these specialist fields to form a university programme is unique in Germany.

The specific subjects offered on this programme come from the respective departments. Students are mentored by professors and employees of two departments. The Department of Economics is the largest centre for teaching Engineering & Business graduates with diplomas in the whole of Germany and the largest department at the KIT. The Department of Informatics is the oldest department of its kind in the country and the second largest department at the university. Both have an excellent reputation and are always ranked at the top of published league tables. The field of law is taught by professors and employees of the Centre for Applied Law (ZAR). The ZAR, spawned from the Institute for Law for this programme, is affiliated to the Department of Informatics.

At the beginning of their studies, students learn the fundamental concepts from all three fields of study, specifically in the fields of: Informatics, Business Administration, Economics, Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, private and public Law, as well as Information Engineering and Management. Based on this initial introduction, students then go on to specialise in particular diciplines for their vocational career. more

This course of study is very practically-oriented: Many guest lecturers from the worlds of the industry and commerce ensure that theoretical teaching remains close to the practical reality. An internship is obligatory for students taking the Information Engineering and Management course. Amongst other tasks, the Career Service of the Department of Economics supports students when looking for an internship, which can also be based abroad.

A detailed overview on the structure of the Information Engineering and Management programme can be found in the Module Handbook Bachelor in Information Engineering and Management and the Module Handbook Master in Information Engineering and Management.


A student's advice:

You can obtain further information from the following Module Handbook Master in Information Engineering and Management, interviews and articles (in German):

  • Interview with Prof. Dr. Ch. Weinhardt (from the Karlsruher Transfer, N°. 26)
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. A. Geyer-Schulz (from the Karlsruher Transfer, N°. 25)
  • Information Engineering and Management: Das Neue in der New Economy (What's new in the New Economy) by Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. St. Kotkamp (from the Karlsruher Transfer, N°. 24)
  • Das Internet ist kein rechtsfreier Raum (The internet is not immune from law)- An interview with Professor Dr. Thomas Dreier (from unikath 1/2001)
  • more articles can be found under Forum Informationswirtschaft (Forum Information Engineering and Management)

In the following table, you can find articles and regulations of the application process


Articles and Regulations of the Application Process:
Bachelor of Information Engineering and Management
Master of Information Engineering and Management
Selection Articles
Selection Articles

Study and Examination Regulations

Study and Examination Regulations