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IIWR - Institute for Information and Business Law


The Institute for Information and Business Law (IIWR) forms an important pillar supporting the umbrella organisation ZAR.

It researches and teaches at the interface of information technology and law. It focuses primarily on the legal questions arising from the digitisation and the worldwide networking in the national and international information society. As one of the carriers of the interdisciplinary course Information Management the IIWR works closely together with the colleagues of the department of informatics, as well as with the colleagues of the department of economics and business engineering. The IIWR additionally supplies information to the public regarding legal matters and correlations in the field of the information society.

The Center for applied legal studies (ZAR) is the umbrella organisation for law at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT).


The ZAR coordinates all jurisprudential activities of the KIT. This in particular includes supporting the teaching of legal sciences in the various faculties. On the one hand the ZAR has the task of organising law lectures within the university. For this purpose, ZAR also offers the assistant lecturers for law from other faculties a home and arranges the further education of the teaching staff for law.

On the other hand, ZAR publicises the results of legal research effectively for the public. In this way the interested public is informed about the latest legal developments and made aware of new legal problems to contribute to their social solution.

The centre has a library with approx. 10,000 volumes and around 90 magazines. The collection primarily concentrates on IT law. The library is open to the public as a reference library.


IIWR - Institute for Information and Business Law
Research Groups Contact
IIWR-Dreier Prof. Dr. T. Dreier
IIWR Public Law Dr. Johannes Eichenhofer (acting professor)
IIWR-Boehm Prof. Dr. F. Boehm
Center for applied legal studies (ZAR)  
Professor Emeritus  
IIWR-Dreier Prof. em. Dr. H. Schulte