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TM - Institute of Telematics


The Institute of Telematics focuses on different aspects of computer-supported communication.
The range of research work stretches from innovative network technologies and protocols up to application and service management. Both the classic telecommunication as well as the internet are considered in research and teaching. Currently important topics in the field of mobile communication are for example currently communicating with mobile adhoc networks and the mobility management of future systems of mobile communication as well as sensor networks. Self-organising communications systems do not only represent a challenge in mobile communication. Work in this field is currently being carried out in several research projects which focus on the detailed analysis and measurement of peer-to-peer networks and overlay networks or on the examination of such self-organising networks in the context of internet business in support of electronic markets.

The integration of smaller and smaller systems in communication environments is also being studied in several research projects.


Ambient technologies and ubiquitarious information technologies are key words in connection with this topic as well as increasingly popular sensor networks.

Also questions regarding network security are considered amongst others with regard to implementation aspects or
the integration with mobile communication and mobile ad hoc networks and the provision of PKI infrastructures.

The management of technologies and information services of modern communication networks is also a main topic. The work on concepts and techniques of advanced web applications is focussed on service orientated architectures (SOA). How to support business processes by means of a SOA while securing quality is a key area here.
Within the framework of web engineering, systematic approaches to develop and create applications in the world wide web play a central role. By participating in numerous research and industry projects, the Institute of Telemetics builds a bridge between basic and industry-related research.


Research Groups Contact
Cooperation & Management Prof. Dr. S. Abeck
Pervasive Computing Systems Prof. Dr. M. Beigl
Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics Prof. Dr. V. Hagenmeyer
Decentralized Systems and Network Services Prof. Dr. H. Hartenstein
Management of Complex IT-Systems Prof. Dr. B. Neumair
Distributed and Parallel High Performance Systems Prof. Dr. A. Streit
IT Security Methods and Systems Prof. Dr. Thorsten Strufe
Telematics Prof. Dr. M. Zitterbart
Telecooperation Office (TecO)  
Professor Emeritus  
Telematics Prof. em. Dr. G. Krüger
TM - Institute of Telematics