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The former double diploma program in informatics with the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (INP Grenoble), ENSIMAG (École nationale supérieure d’informatique et de mathématiques appliquées), has been replaced by the double master’s program in informatics. Within one program and without any additional time needed, students can now receive two degrees: The French and the German master’s degrees.


Studying under the Roof of the German-French University

  • The Double-Degree Program in Informatics is offered and funded under the roof of the DFH (German-French University).
  • While staying in the partner country, students receive a mobility allowance in the amount of EUR 300/month for a maximum period of ten months.
  • The mobility allowance can be combined with another grant such as ERASMUS or BaFöG.
  • For a simultaneous ERASMUS grant, the same application criteria apply as for all other computer science students. Please visit our ERASMUS Outgoing website for more information.
  • In order to be accepted into the DFH programme, students must enrol at their home and partner universities and enrol at DFH between 2nd of May and 30th of September. You will receive further information from us.


  • Major tasks of the German-French University (DFH) are the initiation, coordination, and funding of studies programs of German and French partner universities. Only programs meeting certain criteria defined by the DFH are considered. The binational studies program has to result in a double degree. The DFH wishes to strengthen the cooperation between Germany and France in the university sector and increase the mobility of students and university teachers in both countries. A major mission of the German-French University is the formation of a constantly growing group of university graduates in various disciplines, who have both scientific qualification and binational competence. Learn more about the DFH on their website.


Structure and Contents of the Program:

The Double Master’s Program in Informatics is characterized by crossing flows of students over the complete duration of the master’s program. This means that the participating students study at their home university in the first year and move to the partner university in the second year. Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates receive two Master's degrees:

  • 1. Master of Science (conferred by KIT)
  • 2. Master Recherche (conferred by INP Grenoble)
  • additionally a certificate of the DFH

The program contents are outlined in a joint curriculum of both partner universities. Depending on the courses selected, a studies plan tailored to the interests of the individual student is developed.


Below you will find the conversion table for the grades of both universities:

















not passed












Studies Plan for Students of KIT:

  KIT Grenoble
1st Year 1st and 2nd Semesters

In total, 60 ECTS have to be reached. Three basic modules and one seminar have to be attended. Depending on the specialization selected in Grenoble, additional subjects have to be passed at KIT on an individual basis by every student.

2nd Year   3rd and 4th Semesters

The third semester covers an academic program of twelve weeks’ duration with 30 ECTS to be reached in one of the following areas:



> Advanced Informations Systems & Software Engineering

> Artificial Intelligence and the Web

> Data Science

> Graphics, Vision and Robotics

> High-confidence Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems

> Parallel, Distributed and Embedded Systems
> Ubiquitous and Interactive System
> Operations Research, Combinatries and Optimization
> Cybersecurtiy 

In the fourth semester, the master’s thesis or the projet finale has to be written.


Application and Admission

  • If you are interested in the Double Master’s Program, please contact us.


  • The following requirements have to be met to participate in the Double Master’s Program in Informatics with INP Grenoble:
  1. Admission for the KIT master’s program in informatics
  2. Good to excellent knowledge of the French language, language certificate if 
  3. Above-average performance in the bachelor’s program.
  4. Completion of the bachelor’s program. Usually, the Double Master’s Program starts in the winter semester. Students starting their master’s studies in the summer semester may also participate in the Double Master’s Program. Please contact the Informatics Study Program Service in advance.
  • The complete application documents have to be submitted to the Service Center for Studies and Teaching of the Department of Informatics by September 20 at the latest. These documents are to include:
    • Motivation letter.
    • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo
    • Current transcript of records and a copy of the university entrance certificate
  • The motivation letter and the curriculum vitae shall be written in French.


  • During the process, the students will be invited to an interview where they shall introduce themselves and explain the motivation behind their application and interest on the double master´s program.


  • Please contact Dominik Schreiber if you are interested to take part in the program and want to apply after the 20th of September.


Language Knowledge

Selected KIT-students have the opportunity to participate in French language courses for double degree students organized by KIT-DeFI. Furthermore they can brush up their French in language courses at the Language Center of KIT or at the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand



Grenoble is the capital of the French Département Isère. With slightly more than 150,000 inhabitants, Grenoble is one of the bigger cities in France. Grenoble has several universities, such that numerous of students live in the city. Further information on student life in Grenoble can be found in the international student guide of the city. In 2013/14, Grenoble reached the first place in a survey relating to the most popular places of studies in France.

Apart from cultural events, such as the annual Grenoble Jazz Festival, a number of destinations for day trips can be found in this region that is located close to the Alps.


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