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IVD - Institute for Visualization and Data Analysis

The IVD conducts research in the fields of computer graphics, visualization, and applied geometry.

The goal of the computer science disciplines visual computing and visualization is to process, analyze and generate information in form of images. This is in recognition of the fact that the eye is the most efficient human sensor and the optimal organ of perception for large amounts of information. Computer graphics algorithms and techniques from the fields of rendering, geometric modelling and visualization constitute the basis of these disciplines and are at the core of the research at the IVD. The research is characterized by its high interdisciplinary. Cross-thematic scientific questions are, among others, the utilization of massively parallel hardware architectures, human perception, and human-computer-interaction.

The Chair of Computer Graphics (Prof. Dr. C. Dachsbacher) together with the Visualization Lab conducts research on the analysis, processing, and display of visual information. The goal is to render and manipulate synthetic images efficiently and interactively, to create convincing computer animations, and to provide insightful visualizations of complex data.

  These tasks require among others models for describing virtual scenes, representations for creating and manipulating scenes, and methods for image synthesis (rendering). Visualization further requires a preparation of data and mapping it to well-interpretable graphical and visual primitives. Important aspects in all these fields are efficiency, interactivity, and consumption of resources.

The Applied Geometry research emphasis (Prof. Dr H. Prautzsch) is in the field of geometric problems in practical application. It focuses on the modelling and reconstruction of spatial objects, their calculation and production as well as computer-internal and graphic representation. Applications can be found in the design of auto bodies, buildings and clothes as well as in medicine, geography, robotics, computer graphics and image processing.


Research Groups Contact
Computer Graphics Prof. Dr. C. Dachsbacher
Applied Geometry Prof. Dr. H. Prautzsch
Professor Emeritus  
Computer Graphics Prof. em. Dr. A. Schmitt
IVD - Institute for Visualization and Data Analysis