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Welcome at the KIT department of Informatics!

We are happy to provide you with all relevant information to prepare for your study abroad at our faculty. On the following pages we have summarized the most important points for you.

Each year, we welcome a large number of international students participating in an exchange program or pursuing a full-time degree. They benefit from an exceptionally broad and interdisciplinary range of courses, complemented by a large number of english courses. The highly qualified teaching staff guarantees a sound scientific education for the students as well as valuable insights into modern research areas. In addition, a variety of leisure activities are offered outside the curriculum, so that new contacts can be made and your time at the KIT becomes an unforgettable experience.

Winter semester
information event:

Incoming Exchange Welcome

28th October 2020, 10am

(takes place online)

Summer semester
information event:

Incoming Exchange Welcome

Early March 2021

(takes place online)



The main document for the ERASMUS exchange is the Learning Agreement (LA).

It forms the basis for:

  • Determination of the intended study plan at the host university,
  • confirmation of the extent of recognition by the examiners at the home university
  • and also serves as documentation towards the funders (EU).

As incoming students at the KIT department of Informatics:

  • Use the Learning Agreement from your home university.
    • Please be sure to speak with your home university, regarding the amount of ECTS you will be required to take during your stay.
  • When applying to the KIT department of Informatics, an LA with planned courses must be submitted.
    • Please fill out and sign!
  • It can be changed during the time at the KIT (see section: "during the mobility“).
    • Changes must first be cleared with the home university.
    • In case of changes:
      • Always submit complete LA!
      • It is asked for notification no later than 5 weeks after the start of the lectures/courses.
    • The LA must always be signed by all 3 parties: student, departmental coordinator (FC) of your home university and departmental coordinator at the partner university.
  • Each course has specific numbers that you must include in your Learning Agreement (LA) as well as in the Campus Management for Students (CAS).
    • You will need the number to enroll in courses and register for exams. Please be sure to include the specific numbers in your LA so that we can process it.
      • Module number = M-INFO-101175
      • Partial Performance number = T-INFO-1011968 & T-INFO-101995
    • In your Learning Agreement, enter both module number and partial performance number into the table.
  • Changes of the Learning Agreement (LA) "during the mobility":
    • Changes are possible until mid-November for the winter semester and until the end of May for the summer semester.
    • You must participate in at least 70-80% Informatics modules/courses.
    • You must meet and complete at least the minimum ECTS credits required by your home university.
    • Please submit your LA changes to the Informatics Study Program Service (ISS) via exchange∂
      • Please sign the LA before sending it to the KIT department of Informatics.
      • The turnaround time at the Informatics Study Program Service to review and sign the LA is approximately 14 days.
      • You may pick up your signed LA during the service hours of the Informatics Study Program Service (ISS) in Geb. 50.34, Raum 001.2.
    • Answers to many questions about studying at the KIT can be found in our FAQ.



Incoming students can take all bachelor and master courses in the Informatics program. Exceptions are the course "Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)" and "Proseminar". Please also note that the course "Praxis der Forschung" takes 2 semesters and thus can only be taken by incoming students whose stay at KIT is at least 2 semesters.

An overview of all events at KIT is provided by the course catalog (VVZ). The current courses of the bachelor and master programs in Informatics are published in the module manuals every semester.

  • Please note that some lectures also include exercises, which must be successfully completed in order to complete the overall module.
  • Current courses are published in the module manuals each semester.
    • Usually, courses are updated approximately one month before the start of the semester. Please check the course catalog to see whether the courses you have selected are taking place.
  • Please note that courses may be changed, deleted, replaced, expanded, or otherwise modified at any time. Although every effort is made to ensure that students are admitted to their preferred course selections, the KIT department of Informatics cannot guarantee admission to any particular course.
  • An overview of courses at the department, which are offered in english, can be found on english lectures.

Internships and seminars are often not included in the VVZ, but can be found on the websites of the individual institutes. For most courses, registration is done by sending an e-mail to the respective secretary's office of the supervising chair.

Language courses are offered by the Language Center of the KIT.



The KIT department of Informatics distinguishes between courses which are permanently offered in english and those which can be offered in english if there is interest.

Some lectures can be offered in english if required. If you want to listen to one of these courses in english, please contact the corresponding lecturer in time and before the lecture!

  • An overview of the courses at the department of Informatics, which are offered in english,  can be found here: English Lectures
  • For a list of courses that are simultaneously translated, please click on the following link: Lecture Translator of the KIT.
  • The online glossary, which translates subject-specific terms from german into english and vice versa, can be found at the following link: The ABC of the KIT.




For the organization of their studies, students at KIT can use the Campus Management for students. Through this, incoming students can take care of the following:

  • Register via the Campus Management for students.
  • Register and deregister for exams online.
  • Re-register online (only if two semesters are completed at the KIT).
  • Change personal data.
  • Print yourself a grade report and certificates online.
  • The Transcript of Records (TOR) is not created until after exmatriculation. For questions about this the SLE student services can be contacted.
    • It is important that an address, to which the document is to be sent, is entered on the exmatriculation form. It can also be noted if a copy is to be sent to the home university.

If you have any questions about using the system, please first visit the SLE student services website. If you still have questions afterwards, you can contact the SLE student services welcome desk team:

  • The best way is to use this contact form.
  • Other options are:
    • Contact by phone (+49 72160842075).
    • Come by in person.

*Incoming ERASMUS+ students, who were enrolled before the winter semester 2017-18 cannot register via the Campus Management portal. You can find more information here.



  • An overview of the exams and their dates can be found on our website.
    • Befor choosing the exams, we recommend that you read the information in the module manual carefully. Here you will also find the conditions and prerequisites for the individual lectures/courses.
    • Please note (depending on the type of exam) the respective exam date so that it does not collide with your journey home.
  • Participation in exams without registration is not allowed.
  • Registration for exams takes place via the Campus Management system for students.
    • *Incoming ERASMUS+ students who were enrolled prior to the winter semester 2017-18 cannot register through the Campus Management portal. Further information can be found here.
    • First, you have to select the partial performance (or course) in which you want to be examined.
    • On the FAQ-page you will find all information about the Campus Management portal.
    • For registration/deregistration problems with exams you have to contact the SLE student services welcome desk team.
  • Please be aware that oral exams must be requested up to 2 months in advance.
  • It is best to speak with the respective lecturer at the beginning of the course.
  • The Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik offers information for:

*Incoming ERASMUS+ students, who were enrolled prior to the winter semester 2017-18:

  • Exam admission:
    • In order to take exams, you need exam admissions.
    • Depending on the type of exam, please note the respective exam date so that it does not collide with your journey home.
    • Please be aware that oral exams must be requested up to 2 months in advance.
    • It is best to speak with the respective lecturer at the beginning of the course.
    • An overview of the exams and their dates can be found on our website.
    • Exam protocols can be purchased at the Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik.
  • Note: Incoming students who are not studying in the Informatics course are not supervised by the KIT department of Informatics. Please contact the departmental coordination in your department or the SLE student service for the issuance of exam admissions.



  • You can print a grade report online at any time.
  • The SLE student service will not generate a Transcript of Records (TOR) for you until your exmatriculation.
    • It is important that you leave an address, to which the document should be sent, on the exmatriculation form.
  • You can download your Transcript of Records (TOR) via the CAS portal up to 6 months after the exmatriculation. Simply click on "certificates" and then select "grade table".

*Incoming ERASMUS+ students, who were enrolled before the winter semester 2017-18, proceed as follows:

  • Request of the Transcript of Records (TOR): Online form.
  • As soon as all the results of your exams have been received, we will issue your Transcript of Records.
  • Upon request, we will also send you your Transcript of Records (TOR) by mail. Please indicate the address to which you would like us to send the TOR.



At the end of your exchange studies at the KIT, be sure to exmatriculate:



  • Contact the Internaional Students Office (IStO) for questions about basic advice, exchange programs, enrollment, information about funding opportunities & scholarships, integration measures, experience reports, current announcements, etc.
  • Contact the KIT department of Informatics - Informatics Study Program Service (ISS) for technical questions (Learning Agreement, ERASMUS+ Outgoing applications, etc.). After you have checked the website, you can write us an email to exchange∂ or, if you have more extensive questions, you can sign up for the exchange consultation by entering the list (notice board) next to the office of the Informatics Study Program Service (ISS) at Geb. 50.34; Raum 001.2.

    Your contact at the KIT department of Informatics: Christine Glaubitz, M.Ed.
  • *Incoming ERASMUS+ students as of WS 2017/18 please contact the SLE Student Service for admission to exams, certificates, grade reports, applications and forms, etc.



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