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Transcript of Records

For the generation of your Transcript of Records (ToR), please complete the following fields.

Kindly note that the semester to be entered is the semester in which the achievements were made. In case achievements were made over several semesters, for example, in the winter and the summer semester, kindly complete a separate form for every semester.

If you do not enter any address to which the ToR is to be sent, it may be collected at our office seven working days after sending this form. Please note our opening times.



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IMPORTANT: If your Transcript of Records (ToR) is to be sent to your personal or another
address, for example, to your university in your home country, add a short
comment and enter the desired address in the following field.

First achievement Name of the course: ECTS: Examiner*: Add another achievement

Please note

*This is the examiner of the course, who does not necessarily have to be the lecturer. As a rule, the examiner is given in the module manual.