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“The Force will be with you. Always.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi


The student universe aka “Studiversum” is full of exciting adventures. As with all adventure it is good to face them with allies. Especially when at the start of the journey there is sage, kind-hearted and valiant mentor that adventurous padawans can team up with in order to not lose any companions to the dark side!


In the scope of the mentor program, in the KIT Department of Informatics students in their 3rd semester and upwards (mentors) work together with students in their 1st semester (mentees) as to navigate the Studiversum together. Mentors support mentees by sharing their own experience and wisdom.  Mentees can utilize the lowdown shared by the mentors to face challenges with tenacity and a heart full of courage. These challenges could be the quest for a study group, for student organizations and clubs, where to go and where to find leisure time activities, mastering of essential learning techniques and much, much more. Hard work and perseverance can pay off and along the way there is other bounty to be enjoyed too. By joining several fun activities, e.g. game nights, visiting the Christmas market and the like, both mentees and mentors have the opportunity to meet fellow explorers and new friends who may provide you with another perspective on the vast Studiversum.


Studies and university are a whole new world for many. The mentor program enables you to evolve and develop personally, explore new perspectives and broaden your knowledge. Whether related to your studies or personally, the university offers a variety of new challenges.


Become a mentee and learn to master the force! (Mentee)


Become a mentor and share your wisdom! (Mentor)


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