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IPD - Institute for Program Structures and Data Organisation


This institute is the facility of the department which deals with software technology as an engineering discipline in research and teaching.

The area of activity covers all topics in connection with the systematic generation of larger software systems and ranges from

  the architecture design through development methods, tools and environments up to procedures for securing the quality and cost effectiveness of the programming and modern types of data maintenance.


IPD - Institute for Program Structures and Data Organisation
Research Groups Contact
Systeme der Informationsverwaltung Prof. Dr. K. Böhm
Software and Quality Design Prof. Dr. R. Reussner
Programming paradigms Prof. Dr. G. Snelting
Programming Systems Prof. Dr. W. Tichy
Architecture-driven Requirements Engineering Juniorprof. Dr. A. Koziolek
Professors Emeriti  
IPD Goos Prof. em. Dr. G. Goos
Systeme der Informationsverwaltung Prof. em. Dr. P. Lockemann
  Prof. em. Dr. A. Schreiner