IT Security

Progressive digitization and networking are continuously changing our lives and now influence a significant part of our daily activities. This results in many new possibilities and opportunities, but also great risks, e.g. through data theft or data manipulation as well as surveillance. The IT Security study profile focuses on cryptographic processes and especially on their use in complex IT systems. Security plays a central role in this, but legal aspects such as data protection, privacy, and the needs and limits of state surveillance in the use of security systems also play a decisive role. Graduates of the "IT Security" study profile should acquire knowledge of cryptographic procedures and, above all, their use in complex IT systems. This should enable them to assess the security of IT systems. Through additional competencies, e.g. from law, legal boundary conditions of IT security such as data protection, privacy as well as demands and limits of state monitoring in the use of security systems are taught; graduates should be able to assess these and take them into account in the development of IT security systems.