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Research Collaboration

If you are looking for for potential collaboration partners in research and science please contact the particular research group.


The Department's annual report gives you an overview of current topics and activities as well as a presentation of our professorate.


Department's Report (German) (PDF)





Fakultaetsportrait 2015



With around 40 research groups, the institutes of the department offer the foundations for unusually wide research activities in informatics.

Many groups participate in large interdisciplinary research projects and special research areas. Departments from engineering sciences, other universities and other research institutes are frequently involved in these groups.

More detailed information about research projects and publications of the institutes can be found here:
Institutes of the Department of Informatics
IAR Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics
IIWR Institute for Information and Economic Law
IPD Institute of Program Structures and Data Organisation
ITEC Institute of Computer Engineering
ITI Institute of Theoretical Informatics
IVD Institute for Visualization and Data Analysis
TM Institute of Telematics