European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students + & Swiss European Mobility Programme


International students who wish to study at the KIT for one or two semesters.


All enrolled KIT students who are pursuing a degree at the KIT.



With ERASMUS+ & SEMP, students are given the opportunity to study in another european country. This gives them the chance to get to know the academic system of a foreign university and to benefit from its teaching and learning methods.
To get a general overview of the ERASMUS+ & SEMP program and to prepare your application, you should definitely visit the information events of the International Students Office (IStO) and contact the Erasmus Student Network. Together with the IStO, the KIT department of Informatics offers an information event in autumn. In order to register for the ERASMUS+ & SEMP program at the International Students Office (IStO), you first have to apply successfully in your department (e.g. at the KIT department of Informatics).

Incoming students: International students, who wish to study at the KIT for one or two semesters.
Outgoing students: All enrolled KIT students, who are pursuing a KIT degree.


What does ERASMUS+ & SEMP offer?
  • Per study period (Bachelor/Master/PhD) from 2 to 12 months abroad
  • The time abroad can be distributed to studies and internship
  • Bachelor/Master thesis can be written abroad
  • ERASMUS+ & SEMP provides partial funding for the additional costs of your stay abroad (mobility grant). The amount of the mobility grant depends on the duration of your stay and the host country; the countries are divided into three categories according to the cost of living
In order to be able to study at the partner university as an ERASMUS student, you must...
  • be enrolled at your home university at the time of application and at the partner university during your stay.
  • be successfully nominated, by your home university, for an exchange study place at the partner university.
  • Please feel free to contact the International Students Office (IStO) with any questions regarding exchange programs, enrollment, information on funding opportunities & scholarships, integration measures, experience reports, current announcements, etc.
  • Further information about the Learning Agreement, the ERASMUS+ & SEMP Outgoing application, etc. can be found on the following pages.
    If you have any further questions, please contact the Informatics Study Program Service (ISS) via the e-mail address (exchange∂
    • Once you have read up on our websites (Incoming / Outgoing), there is the offer of an Exchange Consultation for specific questions. However, please read all information on our website first before using this offer.
    • Your contact at the KIT department of Informatics: Christine Glaubitz, M.Ed. (exchange∂