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Monday, 03 Feb 2020
Semesterkolloquium WS 2019/2020
Wednesday, 05 Feb 2020
Informatik-Sonderkolloquium: "Briefly confused? It's not you, it's the context"
Thursday, 06 Feb 2020
Meet & Prove
Friday, 07 Feb 2020
Friday, 14 Feb 2020

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38 professors and about 300 scientists provide excellent support to students and cover a rather diverse and internationally acknowledged scope of studies courses and programs at the Department of Informatics. The high quality of the lectures and seminars is reflected by the results of the KIT teaching evaluations by students. Graduates of the Department of Informatics are highly sought after on the labor market. HR managers wait for KIT graduates. This is also confirmed by the results of current university rankings.

One of the most important objectives of the Bologna Process is the creation of a single European university area. With an optimum use of the European knowledge potential, a single European university area supports international exchange, creates transparency, and makes Germany more attractive for students from abroad. The reduced studies duration of the Bachelor/Master system with simultaneous receipt of knowledge guarantees a good standing and competitiveness in international competition. Conversion of the former diploma courses to bachelor’s or master’s programs resulted in a number of structural changes of informatics studies at KIT.


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