Alone one is strong, together unbeatable

Studying is much easier when you work together and receive support from others. This can be through good friends, a helpful study group or other ways. However, especially at the beginning of a new phase of life, as the start of studies in connection with a move often represents, making new contacts turns out to be more difficult than one would wish. Whether you are new to the KIT or generally strive for a better social integration in your studies, in any case, you have come to the right place! The mentoring area offers the possibility to meet like-minded students via the regular events of the Stammtisch and the EVENING TALKS, to get into conversation and to discuss interesting topics of student life. In addition, the mentoring program provides the opportunity to enter into personal 1-on-1 contact with a mentor or mentee and thus to make instructive experiences in and outside of your studies. Because together, studying at KIT is much easier to conquer.


Info events & videos on study organization and effective learning methods.

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Information and Advising

Detailed resources on counseling services and numerous points of contact.