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contact to ISS

Until further notice, the ISS remains closed. We kindly ask you to send us applications either by mail or e-mail or to drop them in the ISS mailbox.


For applications by e-mail the student e-mail address must be used.


Please note: For applications that have to be submitted for an extension of the deadline due to cancelled exams because of Corona, please use the

downloadable form


Please do not forget to enclose the enclosures (extract of grades, exam registration)


For information regarding exams, please refer to the e-mail of 16 March. We will gladly answer any further questions by e-mail.


The student advisory service is only available by telephone. Please send us an e-mail with your telephone number to beratung-informatikKze5∂informatik kit edu. We are not available by phone, but we will be happy to call you back.


Notes on the Current Situation for Students of the KIT Department of Informatics.


Academic Affairs

Students Representation

Zusätzlich stehen die studentischen Selbstverwaltung und Interessensvertretung mit verschiedenen Angebote zur Verfügung:

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