Offers for companies

We are pleased that you would like to contact us and our students. It is of particular concern to us that our prospective computer scientists and information systems scientists not only receive a comprehensive theoretical education at KIT but also a connection to practice and later career opportunities.

With your cooperation, you enable students to gain insight into practical use cases and scenarios as well as into the work culture of your company. In addition, the company has the advantage of being able to face the students and graduates directly and to inspire them with exciting topics from their fields of application.

On the following pages you will find out how you and your company can get involved in the KIT Faculty of Computer Science and what possibilities there are to get in contact with students of the study programs Computer Science and Business Informatics.

TechTalks an der FakultätKIT

We are a company with a direct connection to research and seek discourse with excellently trained students and scientists.

Sponsoringmöglichkeiten in der InformatikKIT

In the long term, we want to place ourselves as an IT company in the consciousness of students and the general public.

Angebote des KIT für UnternehmenKIT

We are looking for other formats to get in contact with computer science students and others.

Other possibilties at KIT