The double master program in Computer Science in cooperation with Grenoble INP - UGA creates an attractive opportunity for interested students to obtain two degrees within one study program and without additional time expenditure. Within the framework of a German-French double master program, both the French and the German master degrees can be obtained.

A double master also offers the possibility of a sponsored stay abroad at a renowned French university. In addition, the stay at the French partner university should serve to explore the country, culture, language and people from all over the world. Experience has shown that stays abroad are not only horizon-expanding, but are also in great demand on the job market and are therefore strongly recommended.

The double master's program in cryptography is being phased out. Participating students please contact Astrid Ottenhues with any questions.

With the series Infoveranstaltungen Auslandsstudium, the German-French Initiative at KIT (DeFI) informs about double degree programs. The events are accessible via Ilias > Infoveranstaltungen Auslandsstudium > Erasmus Talks.

  • The Double Master Computer Science is a program with intersecting student flows that span the entire master's program.
  • This means that the participating students study the first academic year at their home university and subsequently transfer to the partner university in the second academic year.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate receives two master's degrees:
     - Master of Science (awarded by KIT)
     - Master (awarded by INP Grenoble)
     - additionally a certificate of the DFH
  • The study contents are coordinated by a common curriculum of the two partner universities. A variety of courses is offered both in Grenoble and at KIT. Depending on the interests and wishes for specializations, an individual study plan is developed together with each student, which combines the offers in Grenoble and at KIT.


The double degree program in Computer Science is offered and promoted under the umbrella of the DFH (German-French University). The detailed goals, responsibilities and activities of the DFH are described on the DFH Homepage .

  • Students receive a mobility grant of 300 €/month for a total period of 10 months during their stay in the partner country.
  •  The mobility grant can be combined with other funding such as ERASMUS or BaFöG.
  • For additional ERASMUS funding, an application for Erasmus must be submitted at the same time. Both applications are submitted to the ISS. Please refer to our corresponding ERASMUS Outgoing webseite. for more information.
  •  In order to be accepted into the DFH program, students must enroll at their home and partner universities and register with the DFH between May 2 and September 30. Please contact us for further information.
  KIT Grenoble
1. Academic Year

1st and 2nd semester

A total of 60 ECTS must be earned. Four core modules and one seminar are compulsory. Depending on the chosen specialization in Grenoble, further subjects have to be completed at KIT and will be worked out individually with each student.

2. Academic Year  

3rd and 4th semester

The third semester consists of a 12-week academic program in which 30 ECTS must be completed in one of the following disciplines:


Data science and Artificial intelligence (DSAI)

Distributed computing: from cloud to edge computing, embedded systems and networking (DC)

Human and digital world interactions: robotics, augmented and virtual reality, perception (HDWI)

Software and hardware components engineering ; quality engineering, models of computation (SHCE)


Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimization


In the fourth semester, the master's thesis or "Projet Finale" must be completed.


The course contents at both universities are coordinated in such a way that both degrees can be completed in the standard period of study. Appropriate agreements have been made for recognition. By individually compiling the study plan for each student, the recognition of the exchange year at the partner university can be guaranteed. Meetings are held with each individual student in this regard before and after the stay abroad.

Below you will find the conversion table for the grades of both universities:




























If you are interested in the double master program, please contact us.

  • The following requirements have to be fulfilled in order to participate in the double master program in Computer Science with INP Grenoble:
     - Admission to the master program in computer science at KIT
     - good to very good French language skills (min. B1, B2 would bedesirable
     - above-average performance in the bachelor studies
     - Completion of the bachelor's program before the start of the program.
     - Usually, the double master program starts in the winter semester. However, students who begin their Master's studies in the summer semester can also participate in the double Master's program. It is best to contact the Informatik Studiengangservice (ISS) in advance.

The complete application documents should reach the Informatik Studiengangservice of the KIT Faculty of Computer Science by January 15 at the latest and should include the following documents:

  •     letter of motivation in French
  •     Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo in French language
  •     current extract of grades as well as a copy of the Abitur certificate
  •     language certificate, if applicable
  •     During the application process, students will be invited for an interview to check motivation and possibly language skills.

Please contact our contact person Dr. Ioana Gheța if you are still interested in the program and would like to apply after January 15.

The study program in Grenoble is offered in English. However, applicants should have a good to very good knowledge of French, because outside of the courses, French is used for organizational procedures.

Students can take one language course per semester at KIT free of charge.

KIT students selected for the program can participate in a language course organized by KIT DeFI  prior to their stay abroad, which is explicitly organized for students of a French double degree program.

In addition, French language skills can be refreshed or deepened at the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand .


Grenoble is the capital of the French department of Isère.

With a population of just over 150,000, Grenoble is one of the more densely populated cities in France.

Grenoble is one of the most popular French study destinations: it has several universities, making it a large student city. For more information on student life in Grenoble, see the city's internationalen Studenten-Guide.

The city offers many cultural events and, due to its proximity to the Alps, many interesting excursion destinations.

For an internship in a company in France, a form called „Convention de stage“ is often required.

Please note that at KIT, for legal reasons, no company-specific convention de stage may be signed, but only the agreements provided here. Please clarify this in advance with your potential internship provider.

Contact person at the KIT Faculty of Computer Science: Dr. Ioana Gheța.

Please send general inquiries by e-mail to: beratung-informatik∂informatik.kit.edu


Contact person at the partner university:

Marianne Genton
International Relations
Institut polytechnique de Grenoble
681 rue de la Passerelle - Domaine Universitaire
BP 72 - 38 402 Saint Martin d'Hères cedex - France
Tel : 33 (0)4 76 82 72 24