Info2 - Information for Students of Informatics

The Info2 program is designed to assist all students at the Faculty of Informatics in organizing their studies and coping with the many challenges of studying computer science. Info2 is divided into an informative video series and a selection of information events.

The Info2 video series are smaller videos (approx. 5 min), which deal with general tips and tricks for coping with the studies. For example, topics such as exam anxiety are discussed, but also methods that lead to better learning success are presented.

In contrast, the Info2 events are a format that addresses set topics in several information events per semester. On these topics, useful information and tips are presented by the ISS team and, if possible, guest speakers from the KIT are invited. After the lecture, a question and answer session is opened where students can voice their concerns and questions about the topics. Thus, these events can serve students as regular meetings outside of lectures, where an exchange between students of different experience from all semesters is created. 
The dates of the Info2 events in the current semester can always be found in the calender for information events of the ISS.

The video series as well as the recordings of the events can be found in the YouTube playlist Info2 on the KITinformatics channel.

Archive of the Info2 events
Event Semester Slides Recording
How to Thesis Summer semester 2023 2023-06-28_HowToThesisSS23.pdf YouTube
Ich gehe ins Ausland! Summer semester 2023 2023-05-10_IchGeheInsAuslandSS23.pdf YouTube
Programmieren "Best Practices" Summer semester 2023 2023-05-09_BestPracticesProgrammierenSS23.pdf YouTube
Erasmus+ & SEMP Winter semester 2022/23 2022-11-30_ErasmusWS22-23.pdf YouTube
Balancing Act - Du bist in der Lage es zu schaffen Summer semester 2022 2022-07-06_BalancingActSS22.pdf YouTube
How to CV Winter semester 2020/21 not available not available


Study Planning

A detailed study plan is essential to start each semester well prepared.


Information on social integration at the faculty and opportunities to connect to fellow students.

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Did you miss an interesting event? In our YouTube playlist you will find the recordings of most events.

Advising and Resources

Detailed resources on counseling services and numerous points of contact.