The Application Process

Applicants with German citizenship, foreign applicants with a German university entrance qualification (Bildungsinländer) or applicants from EU countries

  • Applications for the subjects offered at the Faculty of Computer Science are made by online application to the Student Service in due form and time.
  • Please refer to the application portal of the student service to find out exactly which documents have to be submitted with the application.


  • For first-year students in the Bachelor's programme, admission is only granted for the winter semester.
  • Starting in winter semester 2020/21, a certificate of participation in the KIT Computer Science Self-Test for Study Orientation has to be submitted for the application for a Bachelor of Computer Science study place.
  • In higher semesters and for first-year students of the Master's program, admission is granted for both winter and summer semesters.
  • For further information, please contact the student service.


For degree programmes leading to a B.Sc. (Computer Science, Business Informatics):
  • Summer term: 15.01. (Deadline)
  • Winter term: 15.07. (Deadline)


For degree programmes leading to an M.Sc. (Computer Science, Business Informatics):


  • Summer term: 15.01. (Deadline)
  • Winter term: 15.07. (Deadline)


Selection interviews for the Master of Computer Science

The admission requirements for the Master's degree in Computer Science may include, among other things, successful participation in a selection interview, which will be held in German. Please note that sufficient knowledge of German is absolutely necessary!

The date and the exact time will be announced in the invitation. All applicants who do not meet the admission requirements according to §5 (1) item 2. a) of the selection statutes of the KIT Master's program in Computer Science but who have proven knowledge and performance in three of the four areas mentioned in §5 (2) item 2. b) are invited by e-mail at least two days before the selection interviews. Applicants should ensure that e-mails concerning the selection process reach them and are not declared as SPAM. Applicants who are invited to an interview must confirm their participation by registering via a link sent to them directly after receipt of the invitation, but no later than 24 h after delivery.

The selection interview will be assessed with 0 to 60 points.
If the selection interview is evaluated with less than 30 points, the interview is considered failed. The applicant* may attend another interview once, but not before the next application period.

The applicant may not take part in a further interview if he/she fails to appear without good reason, if he/she influences the interview by deceiving or using unauthorised aids or if he/she disturbs the proper conduct of the interview.

KIT does not assume any costs arising from the selection interview for the applicants.


For programs of study with the degree objective B.Ed./M.Ed. (teacher training computer science bachelor, teacher training computer science bachelor):
  • Summer term: 15.03.
  • Winter term: 15.09.

Admission to the first semester Computer Science Bachelor or Teacher Training Computer Science Bachelor is only possible in the winter semester! For the teacher training programme a second subject must still be chosen. If this subject is subject to admission restrictions (and thus has earlier deadlines than the subject Computer Science), the deadlines of the second subject are decisive as application deadline for both subjects!


You can find an overview of the contributions and books here.


Foreign applicants

Special rules apply to your application and usually other deadlines also apply. Please contact the International Students Office of KIT.
All foreign applicants: Please contact the International Students Office at the KIT.

Contact / Contact Person:

International Students Office
Phone +49 721 608 44911
Fax +49 721 608 44907
E-mail: student∂


All deadlines, fees and admission modalities may be subject to change until the official start of the application phase.