German citizens, EU citizens and educational residents apply via the application portal of the Business unit Studium und Lehre.

For applications from international, non-EU citizens, special regulations and other deadlines apply. Please contact the KIT International Students Office.

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Special features for admission

  • Admission to the 1st semester for all Bachelor's degree programs takes place only in winter term.
  • For the application for the Bachelor's program of Informatics, a certificate of participation in the KIT Informatics Self-Test for Study Orientation has to be submitted.
  • For the application for the Bachelor' program of Informatics Teachers Education, a certificate of attendance at the Teacher orientation test has to be submitted.
  • A second subject must be selected for the Teachers Education program in the Bachelor's degree. The subject with the earlier deadline is decisive for the application deadline!
  • Admission to higher semesters and to the Master's degree program, takes place in both the winter and summer terms.
  • In order to be admitted to the Master of Computer Science, applicants from outside KIT have to prove that they have achieved the required minimum amount of credits in the fields of Theoretical Computer Science (15 LP), Practical Computer Science (30 LP), Computer Engineering (8 LP), and Mathematics (25 LP). This will be checked by a selection committee on the basis of the application documents. If these requirements are not fulfilled, applicants can still be admitted by succesfully passing a selection interview. In order to participate in the selection interview, candidates must have achieved the required minimum amount of credits in three of the following four areas: Theoretical Computer Science (15 LP), Practical Computer Science (20 LP), Computer Engineering (6 LP), and Mathematics (20 LP).
  • Further information about the application procedure can be found on the website of the Studierendenservice.


Application deadlines

*A second subject must be chosen for the bachelor's degree in informatics teacher deducation. The subject with the earlier deadline is decisive for the application deadline!


An overview of the dues and fees can be found here.

Selection interviews for the Master's degree programm in Informatics

The admission requirement for the Master's program in Informatics may possibly include the successful participation in a selection interview, which will be held in German. Please note that sufficient knowledge of German is absolutely necessary!

The selection interviews for the winter semester 2024/25 will take place on Wednesday, 24.07.2024, and Thursday, 25.07.2024, in the rooms of the Informatics Study Program Services (ISS), Building 50.34. The individual date and exact time will be announced in the invitation. All applicants who do not meet the admission requirements according to §5 (1) point 2. a) of the selection statutes of the KIT Master's Program in Informatics, but who have proven knowledge and performance in three of the four areas mentioned in §5 (2) point 2. b), will be invited by e-mail at least 2 days before the selection interviews. Applicants should make sure that e-mails regarding the selection process reach them and are not declared as SPAM. All those who are invited to an interview must confirm participation by registering via a link sent to them immediately after receipt of the invitation, but no later than 24 h after delivery.

The selection interview is evaluated with 0 to 60 points.

If the selection interview is evaluated with less than 30 points, the interview is considered as failed. The applicant may participate once in another interview, but not earlier than the next application period.

A renewed participation in a selection interview is excluded if the applicant does not appear without good cause, influences the interview by deception or use of unauthorized aids or disturbs the proper conduct of the interview.

KIT does not assume any costs incurred by the applicants as a result of participanting in the selection interview.

About the content of the interviews: The selection interview serves to determine whether applicants can successfully complete the Master's program in Computer Science within the scheduled standard period of study. During the interview, both motivation and technical knowledge from the basic studies of computer science are asked. Questions about the interview process can be answered by the Computer Science department: info∂

For an assessment of whether you meet the admission requirements for direct admission or admission with an interview, you can send an e-mail with your current grade transcript to beratung-informatik∂ We recommend that you contact us as early as possible (preferably one year before your Bachelor's degree) in order to be able to complete any missing work.