Arbeitsplätze in der Informatik-BibliothekKIT

Work Places and Booking of Learning Rooms

You will find learning and work places in the Faculty Library, but also in the KIT Library and other Karlsruhe libraries. Some work places can be reserved via learning room booking systems.

Faculty Library of Computer Science

  • workplaces
    The Faculty Library offers different types of work places:
    70 individual work places
    3 standing work places
    26 learning room places (in 3 learning rooms with twice 8 and once 10 work places)
  • learning room booking
    The learning rooms can be booked in 3 hour under

KIT Library and Karlsruhe Educational Institutions

  • workplaces
    For a general overview of work places, see Work places.
  • Free learning and work places
    The Seatfinder provides you with the current occupancy of learning and work places (individual work places) at the KIT, the HsKA, the DHBW-KA and the BLB Karlsruhe.
  • learning room booking
    Information on booking group work rooms and permanent work places in the KIT library and the HsKA specialist library can be found under bookings of work places.