"It's a tough galaxy. If you want to survive, you've gotta know...where your towel is."

- Ford Prefect on Informatics studies

Hi Newcomer,

have you just registered for Informatics, Information Systems or Informatics Teacher Education at the KIT? Then you are exactly right here! Welcome to the "start of studies" page of the department of Informatics. So much in advance: our goal is to prepare you for the organizational ups and downs and to make you fit for the galaxy of the Informatics course. Here are a few tips and offers to help you get started. Sounds good? Then grab your towel and off you go!

5 general study tips from experienced students
  • Friends, study groups and tutors are important to be successful in your studies. Yes, going to the professor also helps if there are problems or questions. The university is a platform for exchange!

  • The beginning can be difficult - maths in particular is a challenge for many. With some subjects you just have to persevere and stick with it, then sooner or later you will get into the mindset.

  • Don't forget to enjoy student life too! Take a break sometime, do sports, pursue your hobbies and don't neglect your social life, but try to create a balance between university and free time.

  • The hurdles of the first semester are mainly the exercise certificates, which take a lot of time. Good organization is required here and also a little help from and for others, then you can also manage the exercise sheets.

  • Before the semester, you should consider attending one of the preparatory courses at the MINT-Kolleg, as you will repeat the school material a bit and above all get to know people (that is actually much more important). During the semester there are also MINT courses that are particularly helpful for the math subjects because you apply the material and learn in smaller groups (see also under “Support and Consulting” below).