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Important Change

Since ERASMUS+ was introduced, there has been only one application deadline for the winter and the summer semesters!

The application deadline for the winter semester at the Department of Informatics is the 15th January.


All students of informatics and information systems, who have passed the orientation exams, who do not participate in the current examination procedure at the time of application, and who have completed the fourth semester of the bachelor’s program at least when starting the studies abroad, may apply.

Application Procedure

To obtain a general overview of the ERASMUS program and prepare your application, we recommend to take part in the
orientation meetings  offered by the International Students Office   and to contact the AK ERASMUS  committee .

Prior to enrolling for ERASMUS at the International Students Office, you are requested to submit an application to the department of your choice. Before submitting the required documents to the Department of Informatics, please make an appointment to visit our ERASMUS+ office hour. You will find a list of available time slots in front of room 125.


Please submit the following documents together with your application:

  •     Motivation letter (max. 1/2-1 A4 sheet)
  •     Personal data sheet
  •     Documents stating your previous program achievements
  •     Language certificates
  •     IStO Online Application 


After your successful application, you are requested to obtain signatures of the respective course coordinators on the Prüfungsplanvereinbarung für Auslandsstudienleistungen (agreement on the examination schedule for study courses abroad) for each course listed in your Learning Agreement (LA). [Please open the editable PDF with a PDF-Viewer of your choice] These additional signed documents then are handed in to the department of your choice. Subsequently, all your documents are ready for submission to the IStO, which, if your application has been successful, will nominate you at your partner university.

Learning Agreement

A Learning Agreement (LA) [Please open the editable PDF with a PDF viewer of your choice] has to be submitted when applying for the partner university at the latest. This Learning Agreement has to be signed by you and the Department of Informatics. Please note that the LA has to be submitted to us for signature well in advance!
For any examination listed in the Learning Agreement, a
Prüfungsplanvereinbarung für Auslandsstudienleistungen (Agreement on the Examination Plan for Studies Abroad) has to be completed. It has to be signed by the respective subject coordinator and kept safe as an enclosure of the LA.

Please note that the LA can not be signed otherwise!

Examination plan agreements may be handed in later any time.

Please note that when completing the LA also table B has to be completed.

Request for Credit Transfer (Anerkennung einer Prüfungs - oder Studienleistung)

Only after you complete your study abroad, can you transfer the credit points (ECTS) that you earned at your host university back to your home university.  To do this fill out the required form (Anerkennung einer Prüfungs - oder Studienleistung g) for Informatik | Informationswirtschaft and submit it to the examination board (Prüfungsausschuss) after you completed your study abroad.

  • The first step in the process is to fill in a form per course.
  • Next submit the form to the responsible professor. To the form please, remember to attach the relevant supporting documents such as course materials including:
    • Copy of syllabus from the term in which it was taken
    • List of of assigned literature including textbooks (author, title, edition and sections covered by course.)
    • Exercises and other assignments completed for the course, etc.
    • when possible an outline of the contents of your exam(s).
  • Once the responsible professor has signed then hand the form in together with the transcript to the Informatics Study Program Services (ISS).


ERASMUS+ practical training

There is also the possibility to do a practical training abroad within the framework of ERASMUS+. For further information please visit the website of Hochschule Karlsruhe.

Convention de stage

You may need a document called "convention de stage" when doing a practical training in an enterprise in France (sometimes also in Italy, Spain or Portugal).
Please consider that KIT will only sign the agreement you find here.

Partner Universities

Presently, the Department of Informatics is pursuing about 40 cooperative ventures with foreign universities under ERASMUS+. A list of the partner universities and the available places is given here. However, it does not claim to be complete, as it is changed constantly. In case of doubt, please contact us.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at: exchange∂informatik kit edu


Contact person at the Department of Informatics: Christine Glaubitz
Course coordinator at the Department of Informatics: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert


Please find detailed information on ERASMUS at:


International Students Office

Nationale Agentur für ERASMUS