Data-Intensive Computing

Big Data" refers to the rapidly growing amounts of data generated in science, technology and our daily lives. Technologies such as "cloud computing" and "multi-core processors" make it possible to process these large amounts of data. In order to gain meaningful knowledge from this flood of data, competencies in Data Science, scientific computing, parallel processing and algorithms are necessary. This study profile combines all these aspects and is equally interdisciplinary, theoretically sound and oriented towards current applications.

Graduates of the study profile "Data-Intensive Computing" are expected to acquire interdisciplinary competences in mathematics as well as selected natural and engineering sciences in addition to the fundamentals of computer science. Students are thus able to link interdisciplinary algorithms, methods and tools with real-world applications. As Data Analysts, Data Managers, Computational Engineers but also Computational/Data Scientists, students are thus optimally qualified for science and industry in their studies.