10 years Software Campus

The Software Campus has been training the IT managers of tomorrow for 10 years. The KIT Department of Informatics has been involved from the very beginning.

When the Software Campus was founded in 2011 at the national IT summit by politics, research, and industry, the common goal was to promote top executives from computer science and computer science-related courses of study in a multi-layered manner and thus to counteract the lack of specialists and executives in the German IT industry. The support is provided by a large portfolio of industrial partners and includes training in leadership and soft skills as well as research cooperation with the respective commercial enterprises. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has been an integral part of the network as a research partner from the very beginning.
Many master students as well as doctoral candidates of the KIT Department of Informatics could thus realize projects and be supported in their research. A total of 49 participants from Karlsruhe have successfully completed the program or are currently realizing their projects in the Software Campus.
In the meantime, surveys show that after 10 years since its foundation, 45% of the Software Campus graduates have reached leading positions in the economy.

To celebrate the anniversary, the history of the Software Campus and the successful cooperation with science and industry is now highlighted.

Anniversary website: 10years.softwarecampus.de

KIT graduates talk about their time at the Software Campus:

Anne Borcherding im Video
And you so...? with Anne Borcherding on YouTube

Vincent Diener Video
And you like this...? with Vincent Diener on YouTube

The Software Campus is aimed at master's students and doctoral candidates in computer science. Talented computer science graduates are specifically promoted through practical training and leadership training.
A total of 452 participants from 40 nations were trained in this way. The participants each received up to €100,000 from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to manage their own IT research project.

Master's students and doctoral candidates from computer science and related disciplines with very good academic achievements and innovative ideas can apply for funding.

More about the application: softwarecampus.de/application