Historically significant research in computer architecture honored

Mikroprozessoren aus dem DruckerKIT, Chair of Dependable Nano Computing

Professor Mehdi Tahoori's work on printed microprocessors has been recognised by ISCA as one of the most influential papers of the last 50 years.

The International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), the flagship of the computer architecture community, will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023. To mark the occasion, a distinguished panel of scholars has selected the most influential and enduring papers of the past 50 years to be presented at ISCA.
Among these scientific papers, Professor Mehdi Tahoori's 2020 paper "Printed Microprocessors" has been honoured. This is a scientific study of printed electronics and its potential for low-voltage battery-powered applications. This included the development of standard cell libraries for printed technologies and the characterisation of microprocessors in these technologies. The results of the study show that printed microprocessors are suitable for battery-powered applications, but improvements in area and performance are still needed. "Having a paper accepted as part of ISCA is already a great success for us. The acceptance rate is less than 20% and the competing papers are usually from experts at top universities around the world. We are all the more delighted that our submission is now among the most influential papers of the last 50 years," said Professor Tahoori, who leads the Dependable Nano Computing research group at the Institute of Computer Engineering.

Professor Mehdi Tahoori is an expert in computer architecture and integrated circuit technology. His research focuses on the development and improvement of reliable and energy-efficient integrated circuits, particularly in the areas of printed electronics and low-voltage microprocessors. Among a number of awards and contributions to the scientific discourse in computer architecture, he was awarded the ERC Advanced Grant by the European Research Council in 2022.

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