Informatik (B.Sc. - SPO 2022)

Schematic overview plan


Orientation examination

The course-related orientation examination must be taken for the first time after the 2nd semester at the latest and must be passed by the end of the 3rd semester. A second repetition of the examination is not possible! The orientation exam consists of different module exams. You can find more details in the module handbook  or in the study and examination regulations.


Compulsory modules

The compulsory modules of the program come from the subjects Theoretical Computer Science, Practical Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Key and Interdisciplinary Qualifications. Please refer to the module handbook for the courses included.

Elective modules

The elective modules must be completed to the extent of a maximum of 31 credit points. It must be ensured that at least one root module and one proseminar are taken.
The module handbook provides a complete list of the various elective modules.


Supplementary subject modules

The supplementary subject in the scope of 12 - 21 credit points should provide knowledge in one of the many application areas of computer science. Having learned computer science outside of the core areas is eminently important for further professional development.
It can be chosen from the following fields of study, among others:

  •     Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  •     Information Management in Engineering
  •     Mathematics
  •     Physics
  •     Law
  •     Economics, Business Administration, and Operations Research.

For a complete list, see the module handbook.


Key and interdisciplinary qualifications

With the key and interdisciplinary qualifications, knowledge is acquired that is not directly related to a computer science degree, but is advantageous for later professional life. The area of key qualifications comprises 6 credit points. In addition to own events from the computer science faculty, key qualifications are offered by the House of Competence, Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaften (Center for Applied Cultural Studies) and Sprachenzentrum (Language Center).


Bachelor thesis

The Bachelor's thesis, which is credited with 15 credit points, represents the completion of the program.

Requirements for admission:

  •     The student has successfully passed module examinations amounting to 120 LP.
  •     No more than one module examination from the compulsory subjects has not yet been passed.

The bachelor thesis must be registered no later than 3 months after taking the last module exam.
The current offer of Bachelor theses can be found in the announcements of the chairs (notice board, website).

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