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IPR - Institute for Process Control and Robotics

The IPR carries out research in the field of robotics and automation.

In the field of industry robotics sensor-supported autonomous robots are developed for production tasks, e.g. for assembly, handling, inspection, measuring and testing. A main focus is the collision-free train planning, model-supported calibration of robots and cooperation between people and robots. New intuitive and automatic model-based programming procedures are being researched. Algorithms for visual sensors, moment of force sensors and tactile sensors are being developed.

For humanoid and service robots multi-finger grippers, reactive gripping, tactile exploration as well as interactive interfaces with remote control, haptics and extended reality are being researched. Sensor-supported co-operative micro robots with direct drives, which in the microscope attain accuracies of up to 20 nm, are being designed.


Modular component-based controlling and diagnosing systems for robots, cells and facilities are developed, e.g. on the basis of multi-agent systems. Case, model and signal based methods are used for service and diagnosis.

For the medical technology, field research is being carried out for the operating theatres of the future and virtual robot-supported surgery. This comprises sensor-supported autonomous and remote-controlled surgery robots, flexible endoscopes and visualisation systems for the surgical workplace of the future. Additionally, methods for modelling and simulating anatomic structures, especially bones and bone proximal tissue, are researched. Operation-planning systems both for surgical interventions as well as for workflow planning of an operation are being developed.

IPR - Institute for Process Control and Robotics
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