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IKS - Institute of Cryptography and Security

The IKS covers a range of topics from cryptography and security through to computer algebra and basics of parallel systems.
A focal point of the institute’s work is cryptography and security research. The European Institute for System Security (EISS) cooperates closely with the FZI and industry partners for the practical realisation of its projects. A research topic which combines all aspects from theory to practical implementation is safe voting procedures. The IKS also examines physical aspects of security, e.g. side channel attacks and key exchange procedures on a physical level.
To realise secure services we are researching the possibility of also performing computation directly on encoded data. A central topic covering the entire spectrum of research work is provable security guarantees. This refers to formal proof that no attacks are possible in a system within a mathematic model. Coherent abstractions even enable symbolic security proof, which can thus be checked by the system.

Closely intertwined with this are symbolic calculations in computer algebra. Algebraic algorithms and the integration of CA systems and provers are dealt with. Involution was introduced as a tool to research the integrability of systems of partial differential equations and field theories in physics. Techniques of the theorem provers can be transferred to many applications which range from a method of modelling cultural thinking in humanities up to the probabilistic proof in cryptography.
Investigations into parallel processing are related to the basics of the parallelisability for various variants of parallel systems. Added to this is the drafting, implementation and evaluation of parallel algorithms. Special attention is placed on the field of cellular automata; these homogenous structures can also be easily physically realised and play a role in numerous applications.

IKS - Institute of Cryptography and Security
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