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Wie Computersysteme lernen, uns aufs Wort zu gehorchen. Ein Bericht auf ardalpha über die Arbeit von Dr. Sebastian Weigelt am KIT. ARD alpha
Programming for all!

How computer systems learn to follow our word. A report by ARD alpha about the work of Dr. Sebastian Weigelt at KIT. [02.12.2022]

"In the beginning there was the machine"

clicKIT talks to Prof. Peter Lockemann, one of the founders of our Faculty of Computer Science, about the time of a then nameless science [30.11.2022].

Mit neuen Verschlüsselungslösungen die Datensicherheit erhöhenKASTEL, KIT
Increase data security with new encryption solutions

Researchers from KASTEL and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security have delivered results of their "Encrypted Computing" feasibility study to the Agency for Cybersecurity Innovation. [24.11.2022]

GammaBot scannt kontaminierte Innenräume und misst die StrahlenbelastungAmadeus Bramsiepe, KIT
Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

KIT Researchers Develop Systems for Working in Contaminated Environments [11/23/2022].



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