Another success at the ICPC

Another success at the ICPC

KIT students win silver medal at important Student Programming Competition ICPC.

The KIT team "Tzatzikitartare" won the Northwest European Regional Decision (NWERC) of the "International Collegiate Programming Contest" (ICPC) and was awarded a silver medal. The three computer science and mathematics students Ilia Bozhinov, Christian König, and Yidi Zang solved seven of the twelve tasks and were thus able to continue last year's excellent result . The two other KIT teams "RisK IT!" and "TeamTries" also achieved good 45th and 93rd places, which gives reason to hope for further top rankings in the coming years.

Left: the silver medal winners Yidi Zang (left) and Christian König (not pictured is Ilia Bozhinov) with a balloon for each solved task.
Right: all successful KIT participants (from left) Julius Häcker, Lucas Alber, Christan König, Yidi Zang, Clemens Dautermann, Jonas Dalchow (not pictured are Ilia Bozhinov, Wendy Yi und Manuel Haag)

Due to the pandemic, the competition was held online again this year, but some participants met in the pool rooms of ATIS to participate together.

The complete list of results can be found here:

The NWERC is the first round of the ICPC and involves a five hour time frame in which three students each tackle twelve algorithmic problems. It is important to both quickly derive a solution and then implement it as precisely as possible. The tasks come from topics such as graph theory, numerics, geometry, number theory or dynamic programming. Coordinated group work, broad knowledge, efficient and error-free work as well as the recognition of edge cases are particularly emphasized in this competition.

For Bachelor students, the ITI-Wagner offers an internship every summer semester, which prepares for the competition and from which the future participants are selected. More info on

The ICPC is considered one of the most important student programming competitions and is organized every year by the world's largest computer science society, the "Association for Computing Machinery" (ACM). After the various regional eliminations, there is also a worldwide final. The tasks at the ICPC range from tricky implementation tasks to tasks on design and implementation of algorithms and data structures to algorithmic geometry and mathematics.