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Excellent doctorate

Computer scientist Dr. Alina Roitberg receives multiple awards for doctorate on deep learning methods for visual recognition.

Today, neural networks or artificial intelligence find a variety of application fields. They are the basis for various systems such as voice assistance, image recognition, robotics, autonomous vehicles and many more. Research on these intelligent systems is one of the important future topics in computer science, as the development potential in this field is enormous.
Dr. Alina Roitberg did her PhD on Deep Learning methods for visual recognition at the Institute of Anthropomatics and Robotics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and received several awards for her work.
Deep learning methods have made great progress in recent years. However, the methods only work reliably if the data to be acquired, e.g., images in a concrete environment, match the data from the training sets as closely as possible.
match the data from the training sets as closely as possible.

Gesichtserkennung im intelligenten Fahrzeug

In Ms. Roitberg's research, driver activity is detected using AI. (Image: Alina Roitberg)

Ms. Roitberg's work has been dedicated to the concrete use case of detecting driver activity in a vehicle. In this case, when training the neural networks, it is not possible to predict all the activities of the potential driver and provide them to the system as training data. Therefore, it is of great relevance that the system is also able to recognize new, unknown states. Ms. Roitberg focused on this problem in her dissertation and was able to develop several new approaches to solve the problem.

Preisverleihung IEEE Award

Award ceremony "Best PhD Dissertation Award 2021/2022" of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Germany. (Image: Kailun Yang)

Ms. Roitberg received multiple awards for the dissertation, titled "Uncertainty-Aware Models for Deep Learning-based Human Activity Recognition and Applications in Intelligent Vehicles." The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Germany awarded her the "Best PhD Dissertation Award 2021/2022". Already in the fall of 2021, Ms. Roitberg's work was honored with the 2nd place award from the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society worldwide.
From the Helmholtz Association she received the PhD Award 2022 in the field of Information.
KIT awarded her the "PhD Award of KIT" for the year 2021/22 and from the KIT Faculty of Computer Science, Ms. Roitberg will be awarded the "Prize for the Best Dissertation 2021/22" donated by the Erika and Dr. Wolfgang Eichelberger Foundation on Computer Science Day 2022 in July.

Video interview with Dr. Alina Roitberg:

After her PhD, Alina Roitberg will stay at KIT and in science. She continues her research on neural networks and image recognition for intelligent vehicles in the research group Computer Vision for Human-Computer Interaction Lab (cv:hci) of Professor Rainer Stiefelhagen.