WIT // Women in IT

WIT // Women in IT

In the video series WIT// Women in IT, five women with WIT talk about what fascinates them about computer science, their personal experiences during their studies and what they do with computer science today.

Computer science is still a male-dominated field, both in the field of education and, as a result, later in professional life. At KIT, for example, currently only 12% of computer science students are female, which is even below the German average. Studies show that prevailing clichés of the discipline ("nerd factor") as well as misconceptions about studies and professional life demonstrably prevent many girls (and also boys) from studying computer science.

Consequently, one way to increase the proportion of women in the subject in the long term is to break down prejudices and convey a more accurate picture of studies and careers. The KIT Faculty of Computer Science also sees this need and has launched a video series called WIT // Women in IT, in which five women at different stages of their lives and careers talk about their very own enthusiasm for computer science.

In four short videos, two female students, one female doctoral student, one female alumna and one female professor have their say, giving viewers an understanding of what they each understand by computer science, what distinguishes computer science studies, what it is like to live and study in Karlsruhe, and where computer science has taken them to some extent today.


The video series WIT // Women in IT is a production of the KIT Faculty of Computer Science in cooperation with the ZML - Center for Media Learning at KIT.

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WIT // Women in IT