Highest Honour for Mehdi Tahoori

Highest honour for Mehdi Tahoori

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) honors the scientist for his research on integrated circuits at the nanoscale.

Professor Mehdi Tahoori from the Institute of Computer Engineering (ITEC) of KIT was appointed Fellow by the International Engineering Association IEEE for his groundbreaking contributions in "contributions to resilient nanoscale integrated circuits" and thus awarded the highest membership status.

Tahoori and his team are working on solutions for the resilience of nanoscale integrated circuits. These are designed to provide computer systems with higher performance, a smaller form factor and better energy efficiency. However, the nanoscale effects also make the individual components less robust and less reliable. This poses a major challenge, since computer systems built with nanoscale technologies are found in all daily and critical aspects of life, such as in airplanes or cars. It is therefore necessary to ensure the resistance and robustness of integrated circuits at the nanoscale.

With more than 400 000 members in 160 countries, IEEE is a leading authority in a wide range of fields, from aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electrical energy and consumer electronics.