IPD - Institute for Program Structures and Data Organisation


In the Department of Informatics, software engineering as an engineering discipline in research and teaching is dealt with at the Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization. This field of work covers all subjects related to the systematic compilation of large software systems. The chair of Professor Böhm is concerned with the administration and analysis of large datasets. This presently includes efficient search for conspicuous objects, technical aspects of data privacy  protection, and modelling and execution of processes.

The group “Architecture-driven Requirements Engineering (ARE)” (Professor Anne Koziolek) deals with systematic decision support in requirements analysis based on quality evaluation of software architectures and optimization.

The chair for ”Software Design and Quality (SDQ)” (Professor Reussner) is concerned with investigating the effects of design decisions on the quality of software and


deals with the use of model-driven techniques for the development, maintenance and operation of software-based systems.

The chair for “Programming Paradigms“ (Professor Snelting) deals with compiler construction, program analysis, software security testing and verification and has developed JOANA, the currently only tool for information flow control that is able to precisely treat full Java with threads. “Programming Paradigms” participates in the Collaborative Research Center InvasIC.

The chair for “Programming Systems” (Professor Tichy) develops and empirically investigates tools facilitating system development. At present, the major focus is on parallel programming for multi-core computers and GPUs as well as on common-language programming.


IPD - Institute for Program Structures and Data Organisation
Research Groups Contact
Systeme der Informationsverwaltung Prof. Dr. K. Böhm
Architecture-driven Requirements Engineering Prof. Dr. A. Koziolek
Software and Quality Design Prof. Dr. R. Reussner
Programming paradigms Prof. Dr. G. Snelting
Programming Systems Prof. Dr. W. Tichy
Professors Emeriti  
IPD Goos Prof. em. Dr. G. Goos
Systeme der Informationsverwaltung Prof. em. Dr. P. Lockemann
  Prof. em. Dr. A. Schreiner