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ITI - Institute of Theoretical Informatics


The institute focuses on the theoretical foundations of computer science and their application in practical problems.

One of the institute’s areas of specialisation is formal methods. The key area of activity in this case being designing and implementing the software development and the verification system KeY with UML/OCL or JML as specification language. The main application areas are Java programs on chip cards and RTSJ programs in the avionics field in the framework of the DIANA EU project. A recent addition is the application of formal methods in questions of reliability in wireless sensor networks as part of the ZeuS project and the model-based test generation.  An additional research topic is the specification and verification of the correct behaviour of micro cores implemented in C (VerisoftXT project).

A second main area of activity is algorithmics and related areas with special emphasis on the methods of algorithm engineering,


such as graphenal algorithms, algorithmic geometry as well as parallel and distributed algorithms.

The research topics cover theoretical as well as practical questions from various fields including algorithm libraries for basic algorithms and data structures, optimisation problems in the traffic sector, as well as network analysis and visualisation.

The institute plays a leading role in the DFG Post Graduate College 1194, Self Organising Sensor Actor Networks, as well as in the DFG research programmes 1126 Algorithmics Of Large And Complex Networks and 1307 Algorithm Engineering. Additionally, research in the course of additional DFG and EU projects is carried out.
 There is a close co-operation with industry, including PTV, Mediamobile, SAP Ortec, Google, Robert Bosch GmbH, CAS Software AG.

ITI - Institute of Theoretical Informatics
Research Groups Contact
Application-oriented Formal Verification Prof. Dr. B. Beckert
Cryptographic processes Prof. Dr. D. Hofheinz
Cryptography and IT Security Prof. Dr. J. Müller-Quade
Algorithmics II Prof. Dr. P. Sanders
High Performance Computing in life sciences Prof. Dr. A. Stamatakis
Algorithmics I Prof. Dr. D. Wagner
Verifikation meets Algorithm Engineering Dr. C. Sinz

(Research Group)

Professors Emeriti  
Algorithmics II Prof. em. Dr. P. Deussen
ILKD Menzel Prof. em. Dr. W. Menzel
Cryptography and IT Security Prof. em. Dr. R. Vollmar
Retired Professors  
Cryptography und IT Security Prof. Dr. J. Calmet
Logic und Formal Methods Prof. Dr. P. Schmitt